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  1. Alright thanks for all the help. I have come to the conclusion that the block itself is clogged. Is there any way y,all have been successful on unclogging the block without pulling it apart?
  2. Where can I find that Volvo cap you are suggesting?
  3. Thanks guys I’ll try to see if bleeding air out of the system will fix the issue.
  4. Also water never came out dirty when doing flushes
  5. Have a 1989 4.0 has 265 thousand miles. I have replaced everything I can think in the cooling system and still have an overheat issue. When running the temp gauge will cycle down in tempture one to three times then stop cooling. Temperate on gauge reads around 220 when water starts boiling out of reservoir. Have done several coolant system flushes with a few bottles of coolant system cleaner I got from orielys. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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