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  1. Thanks! I contacted a local shop, gonna meet him after i pull the old ones. Looks like he can fabricate me a pair that will have more height. Giving me a few inches of lift, sorry for the last reply thanks guys!
  2. Well if thats the case, I'm meeting the guy this Saturday or Sunday! I will keep you posted on how they mount up :)
  3. Its strange, his 87 has a high pinion none vacuum dana 30. I think I'm gonna buy those knuckes, maybe install new ball joints & see what happens?
  4. Okay guys & jeeps. Converting a 2wd MJ into A 4wd. Bought diffs from a 87 XJ dana 30/ dana 44. I noticed one of the knuckles was heavily damaged near the area the caliper bolts on too. Guess from removing or dragging when the guy removed? Looking to replace it. But noticed part numbers online are different between 91+ - 87. Why so? Some guy i know in town has a pair of 92 knuckles forsale. Wanting to pick them up but if i do, will they still work? Are knuckles interchangeable? I can only find 91+in stock online. I'm in Canada not alot of spare parts around town, so I'm relying mostly on XJs. Whats the difference between older & newer XJ knuckles?
  5. Anyone ever lift the rear of a MJ without installing a SOA swap. Also, in your procedure. How & what kinda lift did you get with the rear shackles? Looking to lift my MJ around 3 inches in the rear. Planning to drive if on some basic trails, no rock climbing :p! thanks!
  6. Hello everyone! i found the issue! it was a bad harness behind my passenger headlight! I'm so happy all my lights work, after using 12 butt connectors & cutting everything that was bad out. Everything works! :) I'm as happy as a Jeep Mj
  7. Thanks for the responds my fellow jeeps, I'm picking up new bulbs today! Ill keep everyone posted, i feel like there most be a short somewhere. Weird $#!& is going on
  8. Hello! Okay everyone, ill start this simple. Older guy had a 2wd 91 MJ sitting for about a year with eleteical gremlins. Convinced him to sell it for 1200$ canadian. "AB, Canada" The issue.. Brake lights work. Left turn signal works (Front/Rear). Running lights don't work in rear. Cluster lights don't work, sometimes works when right turn signal is blinking. When you apply right turn signal "Front right head light & turn signal blink as the same time. Also both rear turn signals blink almost similar to the Hazard lights. Also just noticed, the clock illuminates with right turnsignal in an annoying flashing motion. Grrrhhhh ... Where do i start, I'm confused. Anyone dealt with this? Help?
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