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  1. Can anyone tell me what this bumper came off of ?
  2. We have further mocked up the hood today. It is getting close to what I see in my head. The raised portion will extend close the the windshield. (. It doesn’t stick up much )
  3. Honestly guys, this truck is just one of those “see if I can“ projects. My last truck was nice but nowhere near what this one’s going to be. I hope !!! I live near Columbia Tennessee and there is a car show around the Square once a month. Mike wolf from American pickers puts it on. I think it will be fun to have something to show. I work all the time and I think that it will be fun to have something like this on an occasional weekend to show.
  4. Thank you guys for your replies on the Dana 44.
  5. Tried the traction bars. It rode horrible. And yes, I broke the Dana 35 the first day out. Springs start flexing and back in starts hopping . On that truck I eventually put a Ford 9 inch in it with ladder bars. It stayed flat
  6. I have been looking for a suitable replacement for my MJ rear axle. Thanks to note: This is a 2 Wheel Dr. and will never see off-road. I will keep the stock height. 4.6 stroker naturally aspirated. My last stroker build destroyed my rear end the first day out. Mainly because of the leaf springs having too much give. I want a stronger axle and I want to get rid of leaf springs. I am looking at the WJ rear axle. Three link and a D44. It is also 5 inches longer that will help fill the wheel wells of the MJ. Has anyone done this swap? I would like to know what I’m getting i
  7. Exploring different tailgate ideas.Exploring different tailgate ideas.
  8. The bed is completely stripped and I am working on tailgate ideas. I’m considering swapping the tail lights to the ones off of a Cherokee. There will be some metal work to form that but at least I will be able to get aftermarket lights If I ever need
  9. I recently realized that the ‘97and up doors do not have the vent windows. Can you tell me if all the other dimensions will fit my 1990? Overall size , door latch , body lines ?
  10. Any suggestions on a newer transmission? This one is the aw4 but I’ve always felt that it is a power parasite. I’d like a modern 10 speed but I’m not familiar with their electronics or if there is and adapter plates
  11. I already have the future engine . It’s an ho that I had stroked for another project . It only has about 5000 miles on it but has sat for several years . I’ll check the valve springs and the cylinder walls but I believe it’s fine .
  12. Found a little cancer that the previous owner tried to fix ( improperly)
  13. I was reintroduced to this forum by a member on a FB community . Work on my 1990 Comanche just began . I bought this truck 10 years ago from a business man in Tennessee . It was in fantastic shape . The interior was perfect ! It had somewhat fresh paint that looked pretty great . Over the last 5 years more and more solvent pops came to the surface until it was a mess . I’ve decided to rebuild . We’re e almost completed stripping it down to the bare frame/ unibody . I’m doing something a bit different on this one than my previous ones . Instead of having a lifted 4wd it will remai
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