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  1. Ive done some work to get this back to a 3" lift kit. I'm trying to find out long the sway bar links should be or a rough angle it makes with the sway bar. Any suggestions?
  2. here's a couple pictures. The bracket on the axle is due to be replaced but I'm not there just yet. Rusted pretty bad.
  3. Thank you for the link. I had a couple work things come up and just delaying getting back to the truck. Hope to attach pictures soon. I also found another 88 that someone has given up on a rebuild. I was interested to have it for parts or maybe itll be better off than my own. Mine is a pioneer and his isnt. Are there some differences in models that i should be aware of before id picking up this other one?
  4. Will get some pics, hopefully tomorrow. I got the parts with the truck, just resting in the cab for now. Thanks for the reply and Merry Christmas.
  5. I just was able to get a hold of an 88' last month. Ive been pretty much going over the truck to get an idea of the initial work to be done. The truck came with a lift kit "installed". The lower control arms on the front end were not swapped over so the negative caster is obvious. I wanted to know if there was a reason someone wouldn't have done so if gone through the trouble of everything else? I believe its a 6" lift but would also be interested if someone could help me determine how to figure that out. Are there any references on the site I could use?
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