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  1. is there a reason i can't post on wanted or for sale classified stuff? do i need to pay for it or something Thanks in Advanced!!
  2. So i did what you said and it looks very very similar. so maybe mine is the later model 86 and will fit the 4.0L in it?
  3. I have 2 questions First off I have an 86 MJ with a 2.5L in it. I have an 88 MJ with a 4.0L in it. I have put a post before about swapping the motors from the 88 to the 86 and someone said i might need to smash in the firewall to do it because the early 86's didnt fit the 4.0L. is there a cutoff somewhere someone knows about. Next question. How much interior and exterior stuff with swap from a XJ 2 door to a MJ? I am talking like headlight bezels, seats, dashes, clusters, center, consoles, pillar pods? i am also looking for some good mud mats for the jeeps and I'm not sure if the XJ 2 doors will fit. Thanks in advanced
  4. yea gearing would be a good idea. but i want more horsepower I like the gear idea though. its just stock tire size that i have. not planning on going any bigger at the moment.
  5. the reason for the swap?? hmmm?? well sentimental value tbh on my 86. its the jeep yellow comanche and i love the thing. just redid the interior on it and wanted something with more umf then that 2.5L any suggestions on what would be eaiser??
  6. So i have an 86 jeep and an 88. The 86 has a 2.5L and the 88 has a 4.0L. so I'm going to swap the 2.5 to the 88 and the 4.0l to the 86 and both of them run. so i have a complete donor vehicle. just wondering. both have the same transmission in them I'm pretty sure. what do you guys think? Thanks
  7. Can someone give me the time frame they think it would take to swap a 2.5L to a 4.0L. they are both jeep motors and i have 2 jeeps i just want to put the bigger motor into the other one. thanks in advanced
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