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  1. Damn could of saved me $20 oh well nothings too good for my MJ LOL !
  2. Well after much research I found some shocks that fit a dodge pick that are about the same to fit on a Comanche but the eyelet holes are 11/16th of an inch instead of 5/8th of an inch like the Comanche so I have a set on order and found a guy who can get bushings that will fit to reduce the L2 eyelet hole 11/16" down to the L1 eyelet hole 5/8th of an inch on the Comanche. The bushings are 3/4 of an inch OD and will have to be turned or sanded down to the 11/16th of an inch to fit the shocks first but should work making the shocks fit my Comanche . The shocks are from SHOCKWAREHOUSE.COM and are 58484 Monroe Loadleveler shocks and are about $80 a pair . The bushings to make them fit with a little work turning them down from 3/4" to 11/16" can be bought from a guy named Steve Dunning at SDUN.AUTO@FRONTIER.COM for about $14 Hope this helps anyone trying to find some coil overs for their Comanche
  3. Thanks Eagle very informative , I found that advance auto can order the 58497 's and I am about to order them but first I want to look into the ACDELCO coil overs and see what they have to offer if anything . But thanks I think you help me solve the problem and I learned a lot from your help ! Keep on Jeep -in !
  4. I kinda like the looks of the ACDELCO coilovers there has to be something they make the right length and the right ends ( L1 bushing on both ends ) that will work any one know of the part # that will work ?
  5. none of the # you guys gave me showed up anything on ebay either what is there out there that they still sell that will fit the comanche ???
  6. Does anyone know a part # for coil spring assist shocks for a stock 89 comanche / pioneer package , I carry alot of weight with a equipment diesel fuel tank and want to put some coil spring assist shock absorbers on my truck to handle the extra weight when the aux fuel tank is full to help with the load but can't seem to find any that bolt right up like stock shocks so any one know of a set for the rear and maybe the front also?
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