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  1. Thanks PeteM, JMO and Tex06. Tex06, yeah... sites like this have been a blessing in my 20+yrs of driving and trying to resolve my own issues, sometimes to save money and sometimes because being female I would get the "she doesn't know what she's talking about" tone from local shops. I always try to search for a related post before starting my own. And it's always a bonus when the OP posts a follow and resolution so I try do the same. Thanks again, you guys are kind and very supportive, much appreciated always!
  2. So this was a learning experience for me and I truly appreciate the responses. I was able to remove the bolt and was also able to remove just the clutch pedal. I did initially unplug a wiring harness to the brake pedal thinking it was going to drop too but it didn't. So after bolt removal which by the way is a PIA due to tight location and uncomfortabe angle at which I had to position my body.... I removed the pin and released the clutch cylinder rod from the adjoining arm and wiggled the clutch pedal free. There is an inner cylinder that contained two white bushings, and on the cylinder r
  3. Ok cheers, thanks for posting you two. I'm going to start with a little PB Blast today and see if this'll be as easy as I'm hoping.
  4. The clutch on my 88 broke last week while driving; thankfully I was near a neighborhood entrance and coasted in. I theorized causes for why the pedal was going to the floor, but once home and with a flashlight I could see a broken weld. The clutch arm swings freely. My question is, am I able to remove the clutch/brake pedal arms and connecting rod, or do I need to remove the entire assembly? I have been searching this site and pics online the past week prior to posting this, so apologies in advance if I've overlooked an answer. I snagged a pic from eBay that I can attach, but I want to tr
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