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  1. Alternators good I'm getting 13.5 volts at battery when running.
  2. I have a couple of electrical problems on my MJ that I suspect are related. Most of my gauges don't work. Fuel gauge not working at all, voltage not working at all, oil pressure works but showing weird nunbers (sensor might be bad), water temperature works. My blower motor turns on but is barely blowing any air at all. Like it has no power. Headlights turn on but are super dim and don't think cluster lights are coming on at all. Could these problems be a body ground problem or something?
  3. If I get some kind of vacuum pump bleeder kit would that work with the master already installed? I'm not to knowledgeable on bleeding clutch systems and don't know the process to bleed the master on a bench. I'm guessing I have to hook up some lines to it or something while pumping it?
  4. Just bought a 1988 Comanche and one of the problems it had was that the clutch was super hard and would just stick all the way to the floor. I figured out the clutch master cylinder was stuck so I bought a new one and replaced it. Now i'm trying to bleed the system and the clutch is super soft and I guess I can't get all the air out of the system maybe. I noticed when I remove the pipe off of the slave cylinder and press the clutch theres not much pressure coming out of the lines. I can hold the pressure with my finger. With the master cylinder out it feels like it has decent pressure if I push the rod with my hand. Anyone had this problem and know whats wrong?
  5. I have a 89 2wd MJ with no transmission and a blown head gasket and also have a 96 ZJ 4wd 4.0 and was wondering if it was possible to swap pretty much everything over to the MJ (Front diff, engine, trans, transfer, all electronics). I know the interior and doors and things won't fit. Has anyone seen this done?
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