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  1. All, thanks for the useful information that was provided to me concerning my Comanche build. All parts have been ordered for the 3 in lift. Now, I wait for the parts to come in. I will keep you all posted.
  2. Jeep Driver....Thank you for the picture and advice. Nice looking truck.
  3. HOrnbrod, thank you for the info. Your truck was one of many on this site that is swaying me over to the 3 in lift. I see you went with the WJ lower control arms too. What front and rear shoots do you use? Also, 31s on original alloy rims should fit without trimming or spacers on this lift correct?
  4. DesertRat1991, thank you for the links. I do not mind the upkeep or the harsher ride, I just need something to get me out to the desert and keep me out of trouble with the "Retirement Boss" lol!!
  5. Pete M, Rubicon Express does make nice things, I just pieced together my list after reading several posting here. Maybe I should consider a 3 in lift instead. By looking at some of the vehicles on this site with 3 in lifts I think that would do for my intended use.
  6. DesertRat1991, thank you for your response. As far as the bushings and coil pads, should I go with the regular rubber stock ones or should I get a different material. My truck will see off road use but no extreme rock climbing.
  7. Jeep Driver, thank you for the response. I complied that list from two very detailed postings on this site but I can readdress if necessary. Also, who is "Bezos" and "Morris"? I can see the need to direct contact and will follow that advise. Any advise on who to purchase the shackles from?
  8. Thanks to all who responded to my question. After some researching and reading of several postings on lifts, I was able to come up with the following parts list. I think I have everything covered but please let me know if I left something out or I need to add and item. Also, I will be going with the "WJ" Lower Control arms and I want to used 31 in tires. Rubicon Express Track Bar RE1660 129.10 Amazon Rubicon Express Trk Bar Brkt RE1665 61.68 Amazon Rubicon Express 4.5 Coils
  9. Pete M, thanks for the advice. As soon as I get the lift and wheels I will post pictures. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Pete M, thank you for your response and advise. I want to run the original “Jeep” alloy rims with 31s and I do not want to trim the original fender wells. I was also thinking about 33s but I would then have to buy new rims. What do you recomend alloy or steel rims? Once again, thank you and I will continue reading/researching as suggested.
  11. Greetings, I have recently purchased a 1992 Comanche 4X4 Long bed with automatic transmission. The vehicle is rust-free and in pretty good condition with the exception of the paint which is toast, that is normal in New Mexico. I plan on painting it and adding a 4.5 lift. I have done some research on the available lift kits and I am still undecided which route to take. I want to get a complete kit since I do not have the "Jeep knowledge" to piece something together. I was looking at the Rusty's and Rough Country. Looking through some Comanche Club write ups Rusty's seems to be a bad choice but
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