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  1. I got the 2.5 n a 86 I wanna run 33s is a 2.5 worth rebuilding and can I put a cam n it or stroke it for more power
  2. 3.1 and 3.4 bolt up same motor mounts not really wanting to do a ton of fab putting it on 35s w 4.5 inch lift change n gears just need extra power for mud hunting it 4x4 am I gunna b able to find a 5 speed for one of them motors
  3. what all have u had to change my 86 is a 4 speed which I probably go to a 5 speed
  4. 86 Comanche 4x4 2.5 what other motors will fit n this truck I'm putting a lift on it big tires and il need more power may change trans and case what will fit motor wise what have yall used
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