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  1. Well prolly getting a 350 tbi soon so now this Is a real project now what tranny do I want narrowed it down to np4500,sm456,sm420 I know I want a dana 300 t case with dual stick what do u guys think or suggest I know the sm420 had a 7.05:1 or the sm456 is a 6.55:1 and u can get a 4:1 for the dana 300 so? What to do
  2. Well i started of with cleaning it really good with a degreaser then hit it with krylon primer a good 2 coats then duplicate-color engine enamel with ceramic another good 2 coats then sand if u had any runs or thick spots followed by a final coat then top it of with 3 coats of krylon flat clear coat
  3. So it has been a few days and I've been so busy haven't got much done my clear lights came in for the front and the monstaliner is on its way so better get to work on the inside here's a few pics of the lights and interior I started to paint it
  4. Yea I don't want the metal part just a chop but it looks like I would have to brace that back part of it somehow after the chop so it's supported
  5. I know I was so happy to see that what a Releaf as for taking care of it I have started out using a wire brush a lil each day in my free time to knock all the big flakes and loose paint that is chipping off that's as far as I've got hope to get more done soon as I plan to get a gallon of black monstaliner to roll in there
  6. So I have searches around here and found a silver jeep mj in the project page that had the rear quarter pannel chopped off to the rear wheel well was wondering how to do this and ideas plz and thanks ill try and post a pi of that rig
  7. Well now that the seats are out and the trim is out I pulled the rubber floor mat that she had In her to see the rust damage she has not to bad really either
  8. Bed is filling up with all the parts I'm taking out
  9. Here is the mj in my shop getting the tranny pulled
  10. Here is a pic of the bumper as I was trimming it a lil
  11. Well dropped my tranny cause slave went out and it was bad prolly a chipped gear tooth is what It sounded like and the t case hada lot of chain slop so well I guess now its time for the Ax15 swap just needa get one now
  12. Thank u it is a work in progress not a bad start tho
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