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  1. How much? Location? Auto/5 speed? what year? And I'm asking 6,500 OBO.
  2. The truck is in Alrington TX. 5 speed manual. its an 89 with only 87,000 original miles on it.
  3. I have an 89 jeep pioneer for sell. It is my daily driver, but it is 4.5 inches from being stock. Still its reliable and clean. Only 87,000 original miles on it (you won't find that anywhere else). But because of it my asking price is a higher than those craigslist postings, but if you come see the truck I'm sure you'll understand why. I'm asking 6,500 OBO but since you are so close I'd consider an offer. I'm in Arlington. Here is a picture of the truck.
  4. I have an 89 Pioneer with 87,000 original miles on it. I kid you not. My great grandpa gave me the truck when I was 16 with 78,000 miles on it. It has inline 6 4.0 liter. 5 speed manual transmission. Since I've had the truck I put a 4.5 rough country suspension lift on it. Adjustable track bar. Home made roll bar. I swapped the bench seat for two bucket seats and a center console. Still have the bench seats. All the cooling hoses have been replaces. New fuel pump. 32 in tires. New pioneer radio with infinity speakers all around (nothing fancy but its better than the one door speaker that was working when I got it). However, because the truck is 22 years old is does have some dings on the body. Nothing major. I've been told its the cleanest stock MJ body people have ever seen. No restoration has been done. Some on the pain is coming off on the fender flares. None of this is surprising for a truck this old. It has been garaged kept for most of its life. Because of the low milage and clean body and title, I am asking 6,500 OBO.
  5. This truck is now for sale if anyone is interested. Ill throw a camper shell in with it.
  6. thanks for the input guys. Yeah, i tightened the yoke, and got rid of the growling noise. However, when I punch it, it is still bogging down and getting a knocking noise under my feet, then i let off a little and then the truck wants to get up and go. I'm thinking about getting a new rear end. If i wait too long before i get a new one will it cause any other damage? Maybe to the front end anywhere? Because that is where the knocking noise is coming from.
  7. Okay so here's the deal. I lifted my truck 4.5 inches a few weeks ago. Then i was driving the other day and i broke my pinion yoke. I replaced it and now it is like the truck won't get up and go, it feels like it going to snap. I loosened the yoke because i thought I tightened it up too much. and retightened all the rear end suspension stuff, because it looked like there was too much movement in the rear end, and now everytime i get on it then let off or push in the clutch, it makes this obnoxious growling noise. :dunno: It kinda feels and sounds like the noise is coming from the front of the drive shaft but I'm not sure. So i parked it and I have no idea what to do now... Does anyone have any ideas? :hmm:
  8. haha Yeah! I got it from my great grandpa with 74,000 miles on it for my sixteenth birthday... it only has 80,000 miles on it now... its a mint. :brows:
  9. Thanks. In the future though i plan on 35in tires which may put the rims in their place :brows: and i picked up the tires from a friend... i don't know where he got them... They were brand new and i love them...
  10. sorry i don't know what happened to that picture...
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