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  1. Anyway to test if its the master or Slave cylinder? I don't have any leaks from the master, hard to tell from the slave (we just had the truck oiled). Will the master work off of a 1990?
  2. JeepcoMJ, you said you got an external slave? This transmission has an internal slave, can you convert them. Is there any way to tell which cylinder I need, I priced an internal slave ($176.00cdn). Will a clutch system from a 91 cherokee (4.0l) be the same. We have a parts one that ran good and shifted good.
  3. Bled the clucth, no difference. If you start the truck with the clutch depressed it will go into gear no problem. Just when you stop and put it in neutral it won't go back into gear. If you shift the transfer case into neutral, it will go into gear easily. Truck doesn't seem to creep or anything?? Is there any way to test if it is the clutch master cylinder or the slave? Don't want to buy both if I don't have to.
  4. Just bought an 88 Comanche, 2.5L, 5-speed. It is very hard to get into gear, like the clutch is not fully disengaging. Once moving it doesn't shift to bad. Pedal feels pretty good, not slopy. Is there any kind of adjustment? Any ideas? Also what tranny should this be?(AX-5)
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