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  1. We had some hard rain on and off the next day, made for some slick rocks and mud, and deep water holes Hit the hitch coming down this ledge We sent the Rubicon with the snorkel in to investigate this one mad flex yo! Lots of these cool cedar woods on the second day, kind of creepily dim and little to no undergrowth Day 3 was abbreviated as we had to drive back to Detroit, so we made a quick trip up to fossil ledges before heading south Spotted a deer on the way Afte
  2. I got the transfer case fixed and AntiRock installed just in time to head up to Drummond Island with a couple friends of mine. One was driving a Rubicon JK with a 2.5" lift and 35" Nitto Ridge Grapplers, the other JKU Sahara totally stock except for JCR skidplates. There was a fair bit of water (I need to figure out how to raise my intake a bit, I'm thinking cowl induction instead of a snorkel) and some good rocky trails. This was my first time on rocks of any kinds and it was more fun than I thought it would be. On to the pictures! Crossed the Mackinac Bridge to the Upper Peninsula
  3. Dillithium, I'll send you a PM about the bumper I took the truck out to a local off-road park, Bundy Hill, and had some breakage. Before the breakage, good times were had: Pulled out a friends Colorado: Climbed a steep hill video link, it's on a friends facebook so I'm not sure if it'll be visible: https://www.facebook.com/cdaiscool/videos/10104900640139792/ Flexed out in a ditch Another facebook video link: https://www.facebook.com/cdaiscool/videos/10104900642200662/ followed a trail through the woods But then I tried to pull size mall-crawler off an obstac
  4. A couple weeks ago I went on an offroad rally event here in Michigan put on by a new company called 4 Wheel Rally. We met up in Pontiac MI, took some Hellcat rides around M1 Concourse, and headed north for some wheeling around Mesick MI, before staying at a nice hotel in Traverse City. The next day we headed south east towards West Branch MI for some more wheeling, before heading back to the Detroit area. They had a professional photographer ( Steve Choryan http://www.facebook.com/ChoryanPhotography/ ) and videographer (Kris Barclay http://www.facebook.com/AOPkbarly/ ) along taking tons of coo
  5. Thanks! Your truck looks great on the 40's! And haul cut up old cars and parts to the metal recycler! The TBSS intake manifold I have sits about 2-3" above the hood at the throttle. I think the regular truck intakes are a little bit shorter, they might stick out 1-2". If you get a car intake manifold from a camaro, GTO, or corvette it will fit underneath the stock hood (like what Comanche SS has on his truck). I may end up going this route down the road. Technically the TBSS intake manifold I have makes more torque on the low end, but that's at wide open throttle, and if I'm
  6. Thanks! I've almost got the build thread caught up to where the truck actually it now. I've been having too much fun with it lately to stop and write build thread posts :) Haha yeah, these trucks are great fun. I follow the build more up to date on your Instagram though, is there any other big plans going on with the truck in the future? I ask because, you've got a nice axle, a great engine, only things bigger than that are cage links and even bigger axles, are those planned? Or is this where you want the truck to stay? Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk I'm not really sure. I'm not
  7. Thanks! I've almost got the build thread caught up to where the truck actually is now. I've been having too much fun with it lately to stop and write build thread posts :)
  8. The siped KM2’s did pretty well in deep snow, and ok on cold snowy/wet roads, but with the new power the truck was liable to get pretty sideways with small throttle movements. I found some 33” tall snow tires that looked like they had pretty aggressive tread, almost like an all-terrain but with softer rubber and more siping, so I decided to get a set. I found some 16” wheels from a 2009 Ford Ranger sport to mount them on. In hindsight these wheels were a poor choice. The Ford center bore diameter is ~1-2mm smaller than Jeep, so they need spacers to move the wheels out past the hub bore of
  9. I welded the C’s to the axle as close to the pumpkin as I could. One is directly welded to the tube, about an inch from where the tube goes into the pumpkin. The other I actually trimmed down and welded it direct to the pumpkin. I preheated the cast steel until I couldn’t touch it at all, and then double passed all my welds with the welder cranked to the max. I only have a 110v :( Because the MJ doesn’t have a tradition frame with cross members, I tied the chassis shackle mount into the back of the cab. I plated the back corner with 1/8” steel, and welded a bit of 2”x2”x0.188” square
  10. After improving the front suspension so much, I had to do something about the stock leaves with AAL in the back. I ordered some Rusty’s Offroad 4.5” lift springs. Added some 3/4” spacers to the front to level it out a bit These new leaves flex and ride way better than the old ones. I went up to the middle of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula for some snow wheeling to test out all the changes :) Once aired down the KM2’s did well in the deep snow. At around 10psi they would ride up on the snow with gentle throttle, but if you got in the power they would just dig down really f
  11. Front LCA's are about 31" long and sit almost perfectly flat. I can feel the anti-dive pretty significantly, the front stays higher under brakeing than it did before. I can also feel the passenger side (where it's just a LCA and not a y-link) want to dive more than the drivers side under hard braking, but it's not enough to feel unstable, just a little weird. I'm working on a front sway bar now that should help reduce that. The transmission guy tore my trans all apart and found the 3-4 clutches were burned up, and a groove in one of the bands, but couldn’t find anything that would have cau
  12. While the truck was down with the trans out, I decided to redo the suspension with some DIY Long arms. I originally wanted to do a 3-link, but there just wasn’t enough space to fit the upper link under the truck with the bigger engine, transmission, and exhaust pipes getting in the way, so I ended up settling on a single-Y radius arm setup. I swapped the UCA joint on the diff with a Currie Johnny Joint so I could get a larger ½” bolt now that I only had one UCA. I also plated the front half of the frame (rear will be done this summer) and added some air-bumps to smooth out the ride with my lim
  13. Post-LS Swap Once I got the engine in and running, I drove it around for a little while still on the old suspension (Rough country 3” XJ lift front, AAL and extended shackles back) and went to some local car meets, most people really likes seeing an LS in an old Jeep :) Unfortunately I was getting pretty tired of how rough the short arms and AAL lift was, it was pretty harsh going over any bump in the road. Unfortunately I started throwing a P0894 code “Transmission Slip Detected”. This was causing the transmission to go into a limp-home mode and max line pressure for all shifts
  14. Yeah Cooper Bussman and Littlefuse make some nice products. I really like how much cleaner your installation looks with the ECM hidden away, but I didn't want to pass so many wires through my firewall, and I was already filling up the 48 pins on my pass through. I like how your fusebox is farther forward then mine, I'm thinking about moving mine forward a bit more this summer, and try to free up some room to make a cold air box for the intake in the back corner.
  15. Thanks Brent! It was fun to catch up and talk Comanches with you over the weekend Electrical: I decided to use the stock v8 engine harness as a base, but make my own complete new truck harness for everything forward of the seats. The only stock MJ wiring I’m using are the two connectors by the drivers foot that go through that power the b-pillar lights, fuel pump, and taililghts. This was actually way easier than I thought it would be. The key was to take things one circuit at a time. My basic process was this: Remove the stock harness from the engine/trans, label every connector a
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