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    Hunting, Fishing, MMA, and working on my truck
  1. well I'm not in a hurry just yet the redneck engineering i put on it still seems to be working :D but i got some construction work I'm doin for a friend over the next few days so we'll see if it passes the first test but no hurry just let me know when you're headed up to steubenville hey 87manche any luck with those keys yet?
  2. Thanks jeff that'd be perfect but don't worry i don't need it any time soon just let me know when ur gonna head to steubenville and i can pick up the latch and maybe the bed box all in one besides id never miss a chance to get some advice on what to do with my truck anyway my email is tbaker115@yahoo or just call my cell 412-853-3073 for when your headed up[/img]
  3. i acctually just pulled out the latch yesterday a looked at it seems like someone a while ago replaced the pin in the middle with an actual bolt so i tightened that down just a little bit and bent the wing back to see if it would hold better I'm gonna give it some abuse today and if it doesnt hold I'm definitely gonna start looking for an s10 latch thanks guys btw hey 87manche i saw you have two bed toolboxes and are looking to get rid of them ashland is only about a 3 hour drive from me and steubenville is only around 30 minutes and considering i have yet to fix my drivers side door lock a t
  4. hi everyone, first off thank you so much for this site. The brake lines in my 1990 comanche went south on me about three months ago and being about as inexperienced at working on cars as they come i was extremely concerned when i saw two line running to the the back of the truck so i went to researching and stumbled across this site and I'm proud to say that with your help ive driven it to work for the past two weeks. Any way my tailgate latch has been giving me problems for quite a while the cable on the left seems to be working fine, but every so often the one on the right just slips o
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