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Found 1 result

  1. Updated on 12/12/2021 What's available: Switch Trim Covers These have been painstakingly reproduced to be a very close copy of the original. They definitely look great in my MJ and I’m very particular about the way things turn out. These are NOT a sticker nor are they 3D printed. These are multilayered laminated bezels with a factory style clear textured finish. I wanted to make something that not only looked but also functioned 100% original. These bezels have the correct color filters so that, when illuminated, they have a greenish oem glow just like the originals. Original bezels for factory options are next to impossible to find but there are also many custom and on-off versions that make your aftermarket add-ons look like factory options. Here are some of the options: 1. Fog lights and Cargo light 2. Transmission Power/Comfort and Sport Bar Lighting (these things are like unicorns) 3. Sport bar and blank (for you manual tranny guys who want an original option) 4. Double sport/auxiliary lighting (a neat custom version that I decided to produce in quantity) 5. Custom one-off options are getting very popular! Custom panels are an extra $20. Even custom pieces are made to look like factory options. If there is a factory symbol available for the switch I try to incorporate that. See examples of custom work below Installation instructions link Factory replacement switches These are new OEM switches that are direct replacements for your old ones. They can be used to add pretty much any circuit you like and look perfectly at home (as they should) Switch Panel Illumination These bulb sockets fit the factory switch housing and can be spliced into your existing dash illumination so the switch icon is illuminated just like factory. These use the same “74” bulbs as original. Switch Plug Harness Pigtail These are the factory style switch plugs that are pre terminated with 24” wires so you’ll have plenty of slack. They plug into the switch and consist of a simple power, ground and load. If you decide not to use these you can use standard insulated female spade terminals available almost anywhere. The connector just makes it more oem quality and prevents a connector from coming loose easily. Timing: We are making these in batches. Once we have 2+ orders we complete the batch and ship out. Build time is approx 5 days and is well worth the wait. Pricing: Switch Panels $40/ea $75/pr (only for the stock oem styles. Custom pricing will depend on demand but a one-off can be made if you really need one. Send me a PM for what you need. Switches: $55 /ea $100/pr. My supply of NOS switches has been exhausted. I have been testing various options for fit, finish and function and have a couple of nice options that will be available soon. They are high quality switches made in the USA by the same supplier as the OEM units. Options and costs will be posted here soon. Illumination bulb socket and pigtail: $8/ea (these are very popular given that the oem ones tend to break easily) Switch Connectors: $Ask. I have a small collection of these switch connectors so please PM for availability. Switch holders/Base $20/ea. These are factory switch holders that are cleaned, sanded and refinished. They look factory new. If you order them at the same time as the panels, they will come fully assembled. Shipping: pretty much $5-15 for anything you need. Will ship usps priority mail. Shipping times are about 5-10 days depending on where you are. Hawaii and west coast are the quickest. Ordering: Please feel free to shoot me an email or a PM for questions or to place an order. My email address is derek @ dbdguam.com (remove the spaces when typing). Please let me know what you need in your e-mail. Please also keep in mind that I am 16hrs ahead of Central time. Will have more pics up over the weekend.
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