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April 2017 ● Fiatslug87's '88, '89, '90

No April Fool's joke here. You read that right, this month's spotlight member is a repeat Comanche enthusiast and even an original owner! Many of us have multiple trucks, but how many of us were even around during the MJ production years? This month is for one of our long time members, has been a wealth of helpful information, and easily has one of the most recognizable signature pictures.

April 2017 is all about...

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1990 Sportruck, SWB
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1989 Pioneer, LWB
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1988 Pioneer, SWB
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All are stock 4.0 L. The ‘88 has an ‘89 engine from a fellow CC member with Bosch 4-hole 19 lb fuel injectors and a Dynomax header.

This was the condition of the transplant ’89 motor with ~100K miles and oil changed every 3,000 miles! You could eat off of it.
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And finally installed
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1990: Stock 2WD with a D35, 3.10 gears, AX15
1989: Stock 2WD with a D44, 3.54 gears, floor shift AW4
1988: Stock 4WD with D35/D30, 3.10 gears, now AX15/NP321

All have stock closed systems with Mac’s aluminum tank.
All stock
All stock with OME 60046/60032 shocks

1990: Tan with stock vinyl flooring, black leather Jeep steering wheel, bucket seats, full center console and door panels from donor XJs.
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1989: Tan with stock carpet, tan leather Jeep steering wheel, full center console, folding bucket seats from a CC member with XJ seat covers, woodgrain instrument panel bezel and door panels from a ‘96 Country XJ.
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1988: Burgundy with stock carpet, burgundy leather Jeep steering wheel, full center console, folding bucket seats and door panels from donor XJs, Laredo instrument panel bezel and custom sliver accents.
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All stock

Stock with Marchal 750 fog lights through stock fog light switches, the ‘88 has chrome Marchal 850GT fog lights with a pair of chrome 750s waiting in the wings and a stock roll bar light switch waiting for a roll bar. All have LED B-pillar and courtesy lights.
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1990: Spinnaker Blue Metallic (PB3), shell painted to match, 10 slot grill.
1989: Colorado Red (PE4), gold Pioneer stripes
1988: Pearl White (PWB), burgundy Pioneer stripes, Chrome bumpers/door handles/tailgate handle/mirrors/window trim/drip rails, ‘85 XJ 21 slot chrome grill.

All have 235/75/15 tires on black powder coated stock aluminum Jeep wheels (10 Hole Eliminator, Turbine, Five Spoke)
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All have Jeep AM/FM cassette radios, dash clocks, sliding rear windows, Jeep/AMC bed mats, DrawTite hitches and factory tow hooks. The ’88 has stock full skid plates and I have OEM front/rear mud flaps awaiting installation.

Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story
My best MJ story is actually purchasing the ’90 new. It was July 1990, we were heading to my in-laws and stopped at all the Jeep dealers on the 100 mile route looking for a Comanche, this was before the days of on-line inventories. No dealers had any and one tried selling me a Shelby Dakota, so after we got to our destination we decided to keep driving and finally found a dealer, another 50 miles away, that had two on the lot, one was a white automatic 4x4 and the other a blue five-speed 4x2. I could not justify the extra cost of the 4x4 so I purchased the 4x2. Having only driven a manual transmission about twice before made the test drive interesting to say the least. :driving: I then had to drive it back home but I got the hang of it, even kept the original clutch for 195K miles!

CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So?
As everyone else has said, members on this site are always willing to help without drama (usually) and members have even offered parts for free just to get others going! It is also nice to know I am not the only one with this sickness. :teehee: Thanks to everyone that has helped me along with my projects by providing parts, advise, knowledge and inspiration. :thumbsup:

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Huge, HUGE tip of the cap, sir! Being an original owner is a huge investment in keeping it on the road and looking so good for so long. The other two trucks are just beautiful too! With all the modifying and "upgrades" going on with these trucks it's very refreshing to see three fine examples of what they all started out life as. Congratulations and enjoy your month!



I'm honored to be the first to congratulate Mike for not only being an original blue 1990 MJ owner, but the owner of two other pristine beauties in red and white. And it's obvious you don't play favorites; they all look great. Was the red, white, and blue intentional Mike or did it just work out that way? It must be tough each morning deciding which one to drive to work.  :yes:


And special thanks for being an invaluable CC member who's always ready, willing, and able to help the rest of us out. You are truly an outstanding club member and have earned the April 2017 MJOTM award. I think you should also receive the May and June selections too since all your MJs are superb. You and your three MJ rides represent all the good things the Comanche Club stands for.    :cheers:

Mike, congratulations on mjotm and I agree with Don, you deserve the award for 3 months, each one worthy of an individual award.  Truly an inspiration to us all.  



oh, but to be able to go back in time and go buy a brand new MJ   :drool:  :drool:  :drool:


congrats on keeping them all drool-worthy!  

Apr 01 2017 11:22 PM
Great read! Congrats to fiatslug87.

Was the bullbar on the red Pioneer ever a factory option?

Beautiful trucks, I know a lot of work went into them.

i don't think it's an addiction until you get to 7 mj's, or maybe then it's hoarding, congrats on mjotm!

Thanks guys appreciate the kind words, although not as much work as previous MJOTMs.

Was the bullbar on the red Pioneer ever a factory option?

There was a factory brush guard offered, this one is a Smittybuilt I found on an MJ at the JY, it was only $15 so I picked it up. Mine is only for looks since it's just bolted to the bumper.
These are some of the factory offered accessories.

"how many of us were even around during the MJ production years?"


Hey, hey, wait! It wasn't THAT long ago!


Nice collection!

Hey ya'll. So I like these Comanches especially the nice ones on this portion! I have a 86 4x4 Comanche for sale. How do I post it to the Comanche fans that are on here? Or how do I get a message through to the webmaster? Anybody know? Thanks, Tramp

10 posts in other forums are needed before the classifieds opens up to newcomers.  :thumbsup: