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Mjotm - April, 2014 - Blue Xj's '88 Lon...

Apr 01 2014 09:08 PM | neohic in News

Back to business as usual... It's that time of year (or so I hear from the warmer states anyhow) that things are thawing, the trees are blooming, and things are getting that familiar green color again. I think there's plenty of us that can't help but feel like winter has gone on long enough! I know I miss the feel of cleaning up the yard, going for a bike ride, or just enjoying the outdoors... you know green stuff! What better way to enjoy this month than to treat ourselves with something... well... REALLY GREEN?!


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Mjotm - March, 2014 - Thedirtyjeep401's...

Feb 28 2014 09:41 PM | neohic in News

Have you ever had a truck that just found its way to you? Sure, we've all bought a vehicle that we did a bunch of research on... drove a few... and decided that one was better than another and made a deal. But what about those that we pass messages back and forth and try not to get too excited about only to be left in the dark? "Do I send another?" "Do I assume that it went to someone else?" "What if something terrible happened?" "What if it sold to someone who won't appreciate it enough as much as I would've and I end up seeing it in a salvage yard a few months from now?!" "What if?!... What if?!... What if?!..." Myself, I just love it when everything works out for the best! Even if things seem grim, you can't help but keep at it. You wait by the phone. You gratuitously check your messages. You try and keep yourself occupied but in the back of your mind you just know that things were meant to be. This month is one of those stories that ended in the best of ways... with a Comanche, of course!!!

TheDirtyJeep401's '86 Custom!!!

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MJOTM - February, 2014 - Onlyinajeep726's...

Jan 31 2014 09:20 PM | neohic in News

We’ve all got projects, right? Even if you think you don’t, think about your truck like this… Did you purchase your truck and immediately start working on it to get it back on the road? I’m sure that sounds all too familiar to most of us here on CC. This month we celebrate this type of automotive decision making process! This month we can't help but recognize…

onlyinajeep726's '86 Custom!!!

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Mjotm - January, 2014 - Alexia's '87 Sp...

Dec 31 2013 11:02 PM | neohic in News

Happy new year! The holidays are over and it's time to start thinking about starting fresh. There's resolutions to make... projects to start thinking about again... other such "reset-button" type metaphors... This month's feature is no different. This month has been one of those long time running projects that you just can't help but take notice to. The kind of truck with that "rags to riches" kind of feel. That "from the bottom to the top" jive. Pretty much if you're reading this, you know what I mean when it comes to taking a vehicle that's had better days and resurrect it... *cough!* Just about EVERY Comanche owner. *cough!*... This month we celebrate...

Alexia's '87 SporTruck!!!

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Comanche Of The Month - December, 2013 - Cruiser54

Nov 30 2013 09:55 PM | neohic in News

What do you think of when December comes around? Me?... I think of a season that really makes me feel like I belong to something, sharing time with family and friends, and most importantly a season of giving. This month, I wanted to put someone special in the spotlight. Someone that always seems to have the answer. Someone who might not say much, but you better be listening when he does. Someone that shows the giving spirit all year round… in the form of priceless Jeep knowledge. This month?...

Cruiser54's '90 Pioneer!!!

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Comanche Of The Month - November, 2013 - Minuit

Nov 01 2013 10:06 AM | neohic in News

The youth of today, right? I’m around them everyday with the profession that I’m in. Some people say that the younger crowd doesn’t contribute anything good to society. Some people say that all of them think that “manual labor” is the president of Mexico. Some have even made comment that they don’t even know how to talk correctly anymore what with their cellular devices and their Face-Tube… thingy. I think it’s great to see someone who doesn’t have a torch passed to them, but rather pick it up on their own and run with it! We’ve got some younger members here. Someone like him is sure nice to remind everyone that this hobby is alive and thriving!

Minuit's '91 SporTruck!!!

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Comanche Of The Month - October, 2013 - Earl*t

Sep 30 2013 08:49 PM | neohic in News

Have you ever had one of those moments where you totally overlooked something and not had a clue how you could do such a thing? Think “elephant in the room” type of overlooked. The kind of overlooking that makes you shake your head because it’s staring you in the face and screaming for attention. I’m talking about a member and just one of his beautiful trucks that turned out just gorgeous and then somehow was… well… overlooked. Long overdue case in point…

earl*t's '89 Eliminator!!!

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Comanche Of The Month - September, 2013

Sep 01 2013 01:24 AM | neohic in News

Here we are, gents!... another month of MJOTM is upon us! For those who didn’t notice from what was left of last month, we’ve had a bit of a change over. With that in mind, we couldn’t help but notice another change happening within our pages. I present…

RyanL's 1989/99!!!

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Comanche of the Month - August, 2013 - The RC M...

Aug 13 2013 07:12 AM | neohic in News

Remember back when the news was going around that they were making them again? It was actually two years ago this month when the fire started to spread. The excitement was amazing! Just the thought that a company would spend the money on such a task and the research and development behind it all is truly an honor to what Jeep produced so many years ago now. The lines were dead on. The customization was just as workable as original. The body being totally susceptible to rust was totally what we needed! That's right, this month's MJTOM goes to...


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Comanche of the Month - July 2013

Jul 01 2013 05:46 AM | Automan2164 in News

One 'Beast' of a truck this month fellas. Enjoy. :cheers:


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