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MJOTM - July, 2015 - MJCARENA's '88 Pio...

Jun 30 2015 07:17 PM | neohic in News

How many of us have heard the comparison of Comanches and LEGOs? Everything fits on them... Parts are easily interchangeable... Don't like it? Change it. Point is that if you don't like something about your truck, it's easy enough to change it into what you really want. I remember as a kid getting the LEGO sets that look cool, and then getting another set that I wasn't all that interested in just to grab the good parts off of it to make my cool set even cooler. Sometimes it's drastic. Sometimes it's more than drastic! Sometimes it's subtle... fine details that take something good and make it great. Example?...

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MJOTM - May, 2015 - revmaynard's '88 Sp...

May 02 2015 08:13 PM | neohic in News

It's May!... and then some! We're a little late but better late than never, eh? Had some issues getting some pictures figured out but I'll guarantee everyone that it's worth the wait. This month is another one of those members who puts together a truck that just stands out. Everything on it seems so right! Everything looks well thought out, in its place, and pretty damn cool while getting the job done. Was it planned? Was it just the way it worked out? Or was it something that came in a vision from a higher power?... almost... spiritual? This month goes to...

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MJOTM - April, 2015 - xjustinx's '89 Pi...

Apr 01 2015 07:53 PM | neohic in News

It is April! Yes, I could've done some sort of temporary April fool's day something or other but instead let's just have a look at this month's MJOTM, shall we? That's really what this truck is all about... no nonsense. I've been following this build for a while now and there really haven't been all that many updates which is totally fine! The posts that are there, however, completely make up for it. I'm talkin' about keeping things business at hand!... and this guy knows how to do it...

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MJOTM - March, 2015 - Strokermjcomanche's...

Mar 01 2015 09:56 AM | neohic in News

Have you ever sat and watched one of those nature programs where some camera crew and a host are creepin' around out in the wilderness and they stumble on a creature that not many have seen? The host, no doubt with a crazy accent, gets all excited and starts whispering louder and louder until one of the camera guys steps on a twig, the creature's ears perk up, and it goes galloping off through the trees. This month's MJOTM is one of such creatures. Few have seen it... fewer people have pictures of it... it's elusive (at least on CC it is, anyhow). This month its got nowhere to hide! This month's MJOTM is...

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MJOTM - February, 2015 - xjrev10's '88...

Feb 01 2015 05:45 PM | neohic in News

So everybody knows how MJOTM works, right? Every month another member is selected... I have some fun writing some stuff about them... the rest of the group agrees... positive comments and praise ensues. To be honest, I truly love being able to do this! I get to be the first to know who gets the spotlight, I get to be the first to say congratulations, and before all that I get to be the one to start the secret of who's next. This month is special though. This month was a first for me that I was able to tell the member right to his face! I was somewhat hoping for a big shock but in return was a very casual "hu... well I guess I better get the truck done then". To be fair, this is typically the part where I build up suspense before saying who gets the title of MJOTM for the month. I kind of already did that but there's usually a story or something special that I've noticed about the member. Instead he gets the same casual build up that I got in response. This month's MJOTM is my good buddy...

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MJOTM - January, 2015 - tgcj's '91 Pioneer

Jan 01 2015 10:15 AM | neohic in News

Happy 2015, Comanche Club! What a unique group we are... did you know that? Have a look into the depths of so many forum sites around and you'll find that what we share is very special. The members are pleasant, everybody gets along (for the most part, anyhow), and we can proudly say that what binds us all together also binds us all together AROUND THE WORLD! How about that, eh?! To start the year off right, lets have a look at one such truck from the old country. The very first Comanche to shine in the spotlight of MJOTM, 2015 is...


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MJOTM - December, 2014 - sloride's '88

Nov 30 2014 08:45 PM | neohic in News

Another year has come and gone already. What a trip, right?! Take a second and think back at everything that you've accomplished on your MJ over the entire year... probably not near as much as you would've liked to have gotten done, right? I'm in the same boat. What if you had more time? How about 26 years or so? Say, WHA'?! Yup... we've gone into original owner territory! It's December and this month we celebrate...


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MJOTM - November, 2014 - jbain's '88 Chief

Oct 31 2014 07:56 PM | neohic in News

Gentlemen... every month I have the joy of writing the MJOTM thread. Each month I get to shine the spotlight in a different direction and each month is cool for its own reason. Sometimes though... sometimes I look forward to another month well in advance. Think of it like being a kid waiting for a day to go to the amusement park. You have a tough time sleeping the night before. The morning of you get up way earlier than you need to just to make sure you get there before anyone else. You're on your way to get there, it takes what seems like forever to park, and you go in. You smile at the first sight of the roller coaster but can't help but feel intimidated when you're waiting in line. "Keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times... stay seated at all times..." that whole thing. The rides starts and all the sudden the anxious wait is 100% worth it. The comparison? Just imagine what it'd be to go on this ride!

jbain's '88 Chief!!!

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MJOTM - October, 2014 - Jeep Driver's '88

Oct 01 2014 08:29 PM | neohic in News

It is October! It's a time of change... this time of year. The weather, the leaves... the Comanches. Yup... seems like it's this time of year that I really get a move-on when it comes to finishing up projects. For some of us, the projects go on year round... and the rest of us love watching! One of such trucks is this clean '88. Seems like there's always something moving forward and getting better and better! This month is all for...

Jeep Driver's '88 Pioneer!!!

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MJOTM - September, 2014 - Usamedic's '8...

Sep 01 2014 09:28 AM | neohic in News

Each month that I've been doing MJOTM has always started off with this long introduction explaining each month's pick. Maybe toss in some kind of twist of words or metaphor... it drags on regardless of how I go about it. This month is different. This month I'm really at a loss over what to say about the truck. I mean, come on... this month's pick is just amazing. Doesn't matter what angle you look at it, it's just pure awesome. With everything is has, what else can you even compare it to anyhow? Loud, bright color... perfect stance... Moabs... the ever elusive WilderNest... What else is there to say besides this month's MJOTM is a one-stop-shop when it comes to the complete... COMPLETE... package.

Usamedic's '87 Chief!!!

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