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MJOTM - January, 2015 - tgcj's '91 Pioneer

Jan 01 2015 10:15 AM | neohic in News

Happy 2015, Comanche Club! What a unique group we are... did you know that? Have a look into the depths of so many forum sites around and you'll find that what we share is very special. The members are pleasant, everybody gets along (for the most part, anyhow), and we can proudly say that what binds us all together also binds us all together AROUND THE WORLD! How about that, eh?! To start the year off right, lets have a look at one such truck from the old country. The very first Comanche to shine in the spotlight of MJOTM, 2015 is...


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MJOTM - December, 2014 - sloride's '88

Nov 30 2014 08:45 PM | neohic in News

Another year has come and gone already. What a trip, right?! Take a second and think back at everything that you've accomplished on your MJ over the entire year... probably not near as much as you would've liked to have gotten done, right? I'm in the same boat. What if you had more time? How about 26 years or so? Say, WHA'?! Yup... we've gone into original owner territory! It's December and this month we celebrate...


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MJOTM - November, 2014 - jbain's '88 Chief

Oct 31 2014 07:56 PM | neohic in News

Gentlemen... every month I have the joy of writing the MJOTM thread. Each month I get to shine the spotlight in a different direction and each month is cool for its own reason. Sometimes though... sometimes I look forward to another month well in advance. Think of it like being a kid waiting for a day to go to the amusement park. You have a tough time sleeping the night before. The morning of you get up way earlier than you need to just to make sure you get there before anyone else. You're on your way to get there, it takes what seems like forever to park, and you go in. You smile at the first sight of the roller coaster but can't help but feel intimidated when you're waiting in line. "Keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times... stay seated at all times..." that whole thing. The rides starts and all the sudden the anxious wait is 100% worth it. The comparison? Just imagine what it'd be to go on this ride!

jbain's '88 Chief!!!

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MJOTM - October, 2014 - Jeep Driver's '88

Oct 01 2014 08:29 PM | neohic in News

It is October! It's a time of change... this time of year. The weather, the leaves... the Comanches. Yup... seems like it's this time of year that I really get a move-on when it comes to finishing up projects. For some of us, the projects go on year round... and the rest of us love watching! One of such trucks is this clean '88. Seems like there's always something moving forward and getting better and better! This month is all for...

Jeep Driver's '88 Pioneer!!!

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MJOTM - September, 2014 - Usamedic's '8...

Sep 01 2014 09:28 AM | neohic in News

Each month that I've been doing MJOTM has always started off with this long introduction explaining each month's pick. Maybe toss in some kind of twist of words or metaphor... it drags on regardless of how I go about it. This month is different. This month I'm really at a loss over what to say about the truck. I mean, come on... this month's pick is just amazing. Doesn't matter what angle you look at it, it's just pure awesome. With everything is has, what else can you even compare it to anyhow? Loud, bright color... perfect stance... Moabs... the ever elusive WilderNest... What else is there to say besides this month's MJOTM is a one-stop-shop when it comes to the complete... COMPLETE... package.

Usamedic's '87 Chief!!!

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MJOTM - August, 2014 - 1989 Eliminator

Aug 01 2014 12:21 PM | neohic in News

Originality... We all can relate to this word in one way or another, right? For some of us, this word means being unique in a world of "belly button" vehicles. For others, this word means taking it one step farther. How about knowing that you're in a unique vehicles among unique vehicles? Take a look through this forum. There's modified, heavily modified, barely modified, stock and still on the road... not much for survivors though. Why is that? Because while we love these trucks, there hasn't been a brand new one roll of the assembly line for quite some time now. I think there's just something special... unique!... about a low mileage survivor. This is Jessica...

1989 Eliminator's '89 Eliminator!!!

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MJOTM - July, 2014

Jun 30 2014 08:54 PM | Automan2164 in News

'Tell me doctor, where are we going this time? Is this the fifties? Or nineteen ninety-nine?'

Call up Doc Brown, put on your best orange vest, crank up the Huey Lewis, and fire up the time machine... Because we are about to be back in the '80's. This month we have a super clean survivor with just the right touches in just the right areas. This thing is heavy.

87MJTIM's '87 Laredo!!!

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Mjotm - June, 2014 - Ronbo's '92 Longbox

Jun 01 2014 05:10 PM | neohic in News

How cow!... It's June already! I don't know about anyone else, but this whole year just keeps flying by. Seems as though there's always just too much work that needs to be done every year only to have it all sneak up and slip by. Projects get put on hold... time slips by even farther... it's just a revolving door of "yup... I'll get to it before I put the truck away for winter". I sometimes wonder how much I could actually get done if I just stuck with it until I was completely done. For one, I would assume these projects wouldn't just linger around. Might just be amazed at how fast I'd move from one thing to the next. Will it happen for me?... probably not. Ever notice one of those builds that seems to pop up and just keep moving right along? I know I have! CC, this month your MJOTM goes to...

Ronbo's '92 Longbox!!!

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Mjotm - May, 2014 - Red Rocker79's '87...

May 01 2014 08:37 PM | neohic in News

It's May! Every month around here is really a special month for someone, right? Sometimes that person is chosen due to some long term project that has finally come to a close. Sometimes that person is chosen because of the they're always there and ready to give another piece of their endless knowledge. Sometimes that person is chosen just because they're an awesome member who isn't afraid to stand out. Sometimes that person is chosen because they fit the bill in just about every way ... and those are my favorite! You know the type: probably some loud paint job on their Comanche that you can't help but take notice too... little tidbits and ideas that you just might think are factory but are really just some creative ingenuity... that silly little something-or-other that you've noticed in their signature... Yup! This guy will do nicely!

Red Rocker79's '87 Sportruck!!!

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Mjotm - April, 2014 - Blue Xj's '88 Lon...

Apr 01 2014 09:08 PM | neohic in News

Back to business as usual... It's that time of year (or so I hear from the warmer states anyhow) that things are thawing, the trees are blooming, and things are getting that familiar green color again. I think there's plenty of us that can't help but feel like winter has gone on long enough! I know I miss the feel of cleaning up the yard, going for a bike ride, or just enjoying the outdoors... you know green stuff! What better way to enjoy this month than to treat ourselves with something... well... REALLY GREEN?!


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