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September 2016 - 4.0forlife's '88 Olymp...

Sep 01 2016 08:43 PM | Automan2164 in News

With the passing of August comes the cool, crispness of September. Speaking of cool and crisp... We have a member and a truck that fit the bill. It's always nice to see someone take something that may have been seen as an eye sore and truly turn it into their own.

4.0forlife's '88 Olympic Pioneer

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August 2016 - 1987Comanche's 1992

Jul 31 2016 09:17 PM | Automan2164 in News

Blast from the past campers. As Neohic takes time to move across country I am back as your temporary announcer.

With all the modded trucks here we have an appreciation for the trucks that survived the lift kits and the fender chops. Don't get me wrong, we all love the knobby-tired trucks, wheelers, and interesting builds, but a nicely done survivor with some back story can be just as interesting as the warrior trail rig. I am honored this month to bring you a member who rescued a 3/92 build 1992 MJ and made a super nice driver with all the right touches.

1987comanche's 1992 Sport

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July 2016 ● M1A1TankerTom's '89

Jul 01 2016 06:29 PM | neohic in News

It's July and let me tell you... I'm kind of excited about this one! Absolutely nothing plain or simple about this Comanche all except for a description: it's kind of a tank. :D

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June 2016 ● 88whitecomanche's '88

Jun 01 2016 07:16 PM | neohic in News

Gentlemen! I recently took a look through the entire massive list of past MJOTM recipients and I noticed something kind of alarming... where's all the four cylinders?! Personally, I think they're awesome! There's just something that a 2.5 Comanche has for charm that that a 4.0 will never have. Sure they might be a little slower, and they might not have all the power that their bigger engine brothers have, but they'll sure do everything a 4.0 MJ can do even if it's kicking and screaming and making all sorts of racket doing it! This month let's have a look at...

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May 2016 ● Peter Lechtanski, 1952-2016

May 02 2016 07:41 PM | neohic in News

This month, lets take a look back at old friends. We've had a few members that have left us sooner than we would've hoped. Peter Lechtanski recently passed away and he had nothing short of an amazing MJ, an outstanding knowledge of Jeeps, and that itch to keep going faster. Peter went by the user name of World's Fastest Comanche and he will be missed. Rob started a thread for him found HERE. If you haven't had a read through his build thread... quite simply, you are missing out. Here's to you, sir.

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April 2016 ● JoeLAW's '89

Apr 01 2016 06:55 PM | neohic in News

So, here we are in April. In the past I think I've posted up some real doozies when it comes to April. You know... "April Fools" and whatnot. Not this year! This year's April is no joke. This truck has had quite a life getting to where it is and its done it all in style. It's clean... it's well thought out... and yet, it's kind of a little b*@$£. Yup! April's MJOTM goes to...

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March 2016 ● krustyballer16's '91

Mar 01 2016 07:16 PM | neohic in News

It is March! The seasons are changing (I hear), the snow is melting (for those of us who have it), and it's time for a new month of MJOTM (that's why we're really here, right?). This month is another one of those way overdue type members who currently has a lot on his plate. All this after a huge swap on his truck, anyhow. This one really goes without saying...

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February 2016 ● mountainman's '91

Jan 31 2016 08:24 PM | neohic in News

I think every month makes me smile for one reason or another based off of who the member is for MJOTM. Usually, it's Comanche related. Don't get me wrong! This month is no different that it's one hell of a truck! But... I'm going to be blunt here... that avatar. Right?... RIGHT?...

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January 2016 ● dkmcgowan's '89

Jan 01 2016 09:21 AM | neohic in News

Happy 2016, Comanche Club! It's a brand new year for featuring some more of our favorite old trucks! What's always nice about January is that it feels like a fresh start, you know? What better way to embrace that feeling with one sweet Comanche that's still mostly original... it's just had a fresh start on a few things. This new year, let's have a look at...

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MJOTM - December, 2015 - daking's '88

Dec 01 2015 09:18 PM | neohic in News

We have just about made it through another stunning year of note worthy Comanches! Did you catch all of them?... I sure hope you did! 2015 has been an awesome year of beautiful MJs from simple to not so simple. What better way to sum things up than with this fine example of that full spectrum of stock to... well... not so stock? I give you this month's MJOTM...

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