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Finally found one...Now it has a new floor.

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Well I got a start on it yesterday. Look at this awesome pile of parts.




Looks better than what came out.



I began by disassembling the old and taking notes of shim sizes and locations. However I found my bearing seerator was too narrow. So I'm slightly delayed waiting on a new ones arrival.


There was a mangled up pile of shims behind the outer opinion bearing.




There were no shims for the carrier unless I'm just not seeing them.





There were shims behind the cup for the inner opinion also but I didnt get pics of them.


Today will be a chance to wash the housing and work on some other projects.


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So far all is well. I cut a load of firewood with it yesterday, and made it home safe. Lol. So far in really happy with the 4.10s. Although ive only put a few miles on them so far.  There is one thing I can't live with and must addreess soon.


Speedo is off. I didnt even think about changing speedo gears...... 

I think I need a 36 and it may have one on a shelf. Gonna have to go on a treasure hunt.

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