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AX-5 transmission and NP 207 Transfer Case -SOLD


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Up for sale is an AX-5 Transmission and a NP207 Transfer case out of an 86 MJ.  My second MJ was bought with a blown engine so I have no idea about its drivability.  I have no intention to put a new 2.8 v6 back in this chassis so the tranny and transfer case can go.


Since I have no idea about its condition going down the road I'm throwing it up at $200 for transmission and transfer case.  That's Pull-A-Part pricing without core or environmental fees and the best part is I've already pulled it for you. Located in Buford, Georgia about 45 min North East of Atlanta.


I was working completely alone so I disconnected the transfer case from the transmission before I dropped to try to make it easier to wrangle to the ground.   I drained the fluids on both before I dropped them and they looked and smelled good.  All mounting bolts are there if needed.


Should work with the 2.8 v6 and the 2.5 4 cylinder.  With modifications should work in 2.5 TJ and YJ wranglers as well.  Figured I'd throw it up here for a week or two before I deal with the shenanigans of Facebook Marketplace.






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