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operation "replace the durango" is a go!

Pete M

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after weeks of refreshing various Firefox tabs, fighting with insurance companies to actually get our check to the bank, and talking to sales people ad nausium, I found my folks a white R/T in Ohio that's close enough to fit the bill. :D 


the good news is that it's officially theirs. :banana:  down payment has been sent.


the bad news is that it's still "in transit".  :laugh:  with no set day of arrival.


based on other trucks I've watched go from "being built" to "in transit" to "on dealer lot", I'd say later this week.  then we just gotta go fetch it. :doh:  I'm both glad and disappointed that new trucks are being made and I no longer need to contemplate a trip to Sacramento or Montana.  :driving:  would have been a heck of a road trip!


fun fact, if you live in GA and buy from OH, you get the incentives that are available in GA, not OH.  worked out well for us and saved more cash than OH would have been.  :D 


generic stock photo:




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59 minutes ago, 89 MJ said:

Nice! Do the R/Ts have the 5.7 or the 6.4?


5.7 with a tuned exhaust (sounds way cooler than the Citadel).   couldn't convince my folks to splurge the extra 20 grand for the SRT. :( 

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36 minutes ago, MiNi Beast said:

Sweetness. Get the towing package. :teehee:


no choice this time.  they no longer put the towing wires into all R/Ts. :(  BUT the new tow package comes with a built-in trailer controller so there's that. :D  

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