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Griping About Selling Online


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9 hours ago, Dzimm said:

It's just the way a lot of people are these days.  I have it happen with people of all ages.  The ones that actually show up to buy stuff though tend to be really nice, down to earth people.  I try to avoid buying stuff from Craigslist or marketplace unless something is a really good deal or I can only find it used on those platforms.


For the stuff I make and sell I stick to eBay mostly as they can buy and pay immediately.  On a few occasions I've had people cancel and reorder due to a wrong address or payment info but otherwise it's super smooth there.  I don't have time to keep up with people's antics on Facebook or similar so I just don't list there, however I'm expanding and bringing some help on board at the start of the year so they can do all the social media and direct sales stuff so I don't have to deal with it. :D

Good to hear your expanding!

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I've luckily always had good encounters with people I've purchased cars with online, which is good as I've usually fly to the destination and drive home.

A lot of your stories sound like the way companies would interview and never get back saying they weren't interested when I was applying for internships.  The concept of ghosting is quite frustrating. 

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