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What Gearing do I need?

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I don’t really know very much about gearing an all that so I need some help. I have an 4wd 89 Comanche with 33in tires, the previous owner says it has a Ford 8.8 rear end and new Yukon 3:73 gearing, it’s also an AX-15 manual. I’ve noticed it’s really slow uphills and not very good off-road uphill, so do I need to re gear? With the 8.8 rear end would 4.10 gears fit? Would I need to re hear front and back? Could I just run smaller tires? I don’t totally need 33s and would rather have less clearance but better uphill and it would be easier to do new tires than new gears? 

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For the record, I've got a similar setup, ax-15, 8.25 rear and D30 front. I run 4.56 with 33" tires and it runs very well. I even tow my 3200 lbs boat with this setup from time to time with no issues at all. Very rarely do I shift to 4 low unless I need to inch over something. 3.73 is not a desirable ratio for that setup, for sure. Yes, you would need to gear the front and rear the same ratio. If you really don't need the lift and tires, going down to a 31" tire would suit that ratio alot better. Just remember to change your speedo gear. 

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