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87 Pioneer LWB Drake

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1987 Comanche Pioneer

4.0L I6, MPI Auto 2WD 7ft Bed 120” Wheel Base

Transfercase - 

Front Axle - 
Rear Axle - Dana35 3.55


Have owned the truck for 10 years - just now trying to keep track of what we’ve done/need to do.



removed tow mirror/replaced with XJ mirror bodywork on doors

paint to match original color

speaker and head unit install

Exhaust replace

euramtec b-pillar lights install

e-brake line replace

removed push bar

Adjusted TPS for auto trans - no shift past 1st and surging idle

replace headliner

swapped rubber bed liner for full plastic

battery cable and grounds upgrade

coolant bottle cap replace (Volvo Napa part)

tire upgrade - Wildpeak 235/75/1

Tie-rod at pitman arrm

track bar replace




to do:

rear axle replace

rear brake rehab - ebrake?

sun visor recover and install

factory tape deck install with aux input
door window seal replace 

Cracked dash replace

windshield replace

glovebox replace

paint and attach speaker grills

correct window cranks

passenger window regulator sticks

passenger side mirror replace

A/C & heat diagnose 




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Replaced rear axle with D35 (to avoid rebuilding bearings and seals)

this one is at least smooth and very quiet compared to what we were dealing with!


replaced L rear wheel cylinder 

new brake drums

reused shoes and springs that were on the donor D35 

new rear shocks replaced originals - from donor (Andy)


new left rear parking brake line - parking brake now works!







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