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Tailgate lock to keep from falling off

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I remember a thread about a tailgate lock years ago, but I don't remember the link to the part.  I am tired of closing the tailgate and having the hinges bind up and then the tailgate tries to fall off.  I want to install a lock for two reasons, theft and to prevent chipping the paint and you can imagine other things.  Does anyone have any updated links to something like this?

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53 minutes ago, Muncher said:

My bad picture didn't go through at first ee0aea7e20b51a17768746cd0dd6eacc.jpg

I fixed this issues actually. I just put a bolt through the other side to flatten that alignment hole and I haven’t had any issues. Also it helps if the tailgate is pushed toward the drivers side and everything is lubed as they should be. Then you’ll get quiet closing and latching results. 

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