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'91 Silver Star 2.0

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15 hours ago, acfortier said:

Got a R12a recharge kit from Frosty Cool, need to charge the A/C and hope for the best. @kryptronic let me know if there was anything else that needed to be done with the A/C system, I think it just needed a full charge? Also, just got the other parts today--thanks!


When I got the truck, the A/C system was not fully installed.  I installed all missing components with new components, including putting in a new compressor years ago.   Check the compressor for the oil level, and adjust as needed.  I'm not sure if that's right - use the right oil.  Besides that, I would charge it and look for leaks. 


Also, I have OE mirrors if you need them.  Left is a manual remote, right is fixed.  They need paint, otherwise they work great.  PM me if interested.


Concerning the MC upgrade, seem unnecessary to me.  It's using a YJ proportioning valve, and the LSV was deleted, and it stops on a dime.  If you want to go back to using the MJ proportioning valve, let me know - I just found it, but I don't have the LSV any more.

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Gotcha! I'll check the oil in the compressor and then try to charge it up.


I'm still undecided about the mirrors. I have an order with Quadratec in, so not sure when they'll be back in stock, but there's no real rush--not driving the Comanche yet.


I remember doing the upgrade on my previous Comanche, and it was a night and day difference. I haven't driven this one enough to comment on it's current braking power, but I figured why not--it's easy enough to swap out.


Picked up an Addco 543 kit for a ZJ for $80, brand new. The bushings are currently shot on the Comanche now, so I figured swapping it out for something beefier made more sense.


We've been getting some decent rain today, and I decided to go check out the Comanche to see if I can find where the rest of the leak is coming from. Unfortunately, I haven't pinpointed exactly where it's coming from, but it's definitely wet behind that large piece of foam backing, so I'll have to remove that to get a better look. Not sure what that entails, as it seems fairly intertwined with other components.

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