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1989 still going strong

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This isn't a quite a build story so I hope this is the right forum. It is more a evolution story. I bought my MJ new back in 1989 and it has been my daily driver pretty much since then. My wife bought a new truck a couple of years ago and we kept her XJ, so I allowed my MJ to retire from snow (hence salt) duty. It is mostly stock, with the main exception being a upgrade to an AX-15 from the B/A 10/5 about 10 years ago. I also had to put in a JP5A gas tank and an XJ fuel sending unit a couple of years ago. I learned about that swap here, so thanks! Also, the finish is well past its prime, so to preserve the patina I had it clear-coated a few years back.


What motivates me to post is that it recently reached the milestone of 300,000 miles. Still going strong on the original engine. Never even had the head off! Can't complain about 32 years and 300,000 miles of great service. What would I say is the trick to keeping an MJ going? Proper maintenance, putting in good, preferably Mopar, parts, though those very hard to get now, and washing frequently in the winter to de-salt. But the most important part is to enjoy it, be it 4-wheeling, snow drifting, or just its nimble handling on a curvy road. It really is a fun truck.


Thoughts and tips most welcome!


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Thanks for sharing. I am an original owner also, even though we don't have a lot to add to this forum in terms of mods and upgrades you will find many appreciate that there are some true survivors and like myself it is always great to see more original owners also.  

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