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Price of shipping!


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This is the stuff I am willing to give away if someone wants to pay shipping on them. 


Window seal, no cracks, well used. 



Factory turn signal and lens (needs glued back on, factory side marker drivers (bad condition).



Sill guard. There is a screw half embedded in it that I swear I can't remove...



Failing E-Brake Release



These door cards. I haven't pulled the passenger one yet but it also has a hole in it for manual windows. 



Random eliminator trim (rough shape)


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Alright, I have the following for shipping/local pickup:

- Non leaking 1991 Radiator. 95% sure it is a replacement, fins are in okay shape.

- 1991 Charcoal Canister

- Any of the accessories off of the 1991 engine except the compressor. Unknown condition but everything spins nicely. 

- Mechanical fan

- Fan shroud

- 1991 Steering box once I pull it

- 1991 Clutch master once pulled


The more annoying stuff I would like to charge a small fee just for my time to clean them out, find a box, and take to the shipper...





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