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88 Comanche project Denver $4500


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Testing the waters for selling the MJ. This was Meanlemons MJ and he did a bunch but just not done yet. I've been chipping away and doing some things but at this point I'd like to build the WJ. With kids having a 4 seater rig is just more in tune with life. 



Here's the CL ad. 



I have a 88 Comanche project I'm considering selling/trading. Not parting it out or selling anything separately. If I don't get my asking price I'll just keep it. Basically just recouping some of my parts cost. I could part it out for more. $4500 firm for everything. Lowest I'll take is 4k but not with everything. No ARB compressor, sliders, Bored TB or spare parts. Trade wise, things with engines are mainly what I'm looking for, nothing ford though. Love to find a 67-71 Jeepster Commando. Would trade with cash for the right one.

No phone, email is best right now. Need to filter out the scammers.

It's been a work in progress for a few years and I'm going to build my WJ instead. Currently does not run, needs to have a few things done to get it back up and going.

The good
-Waggy 44s with 4.30 gears, ARB front, Auburn rear, all new seals, brakes, ball joints, Full TnT truss, custom drag link and 1 ton steering etc. Basically brand new axles.
-Cavfab 3 link front, OME 3.5" coils, rear AAL
-Krustyballer sliders
-Ax15 with new clutch
-Rebuilt 242
-Front frame stiffeners with custom boostwerks style steering shaft support
-Redid the entire wire harness with the C101 delete. Soldered all the connectors and cleaned it up.
-Decent Firestone 33's, rear are brand new and never been driven on, front are about 90%
-Good 96 block with a renix/HO hybrid; 99+ intake, bored TB, 98+ power steering. Just needs to have a few connectors routed and the TPS adapted to the HO. Nickintime films has a youtube of the swap.
-96+ booster upgrade, braided SS lines up front.
-Decent 97+ front clip. Fenders are junk but meh.
-2.5" exhaust with hiflow cat and trush muffler.
-A slew of additional parts and sensors

The bad
-It has rust, not going to be a collector MJ by any means but if you want something to bash in the rocks this is it.
-No bed, rust was too intense so it got scrapped for the current fabbed one. I do have a decent tailgate I'll include for extra $
-Needs' to be finished

What needs to be done
-Brake lines need to be finished, currently does not stop
-Cooling system needs to be finished.
-Fuel system, needs a fuel tank and pump.
-HO swap completed or convert it back to renix.
-Shocks and sway bar's if you are going to run them
-Putting the interior back together or finishing stripping it.
-Few connectors



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