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catalytic converters problems ?

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I have a 1986 Jeep Comanche 2.5 liter with 258800 miles on it. It start up and runs great when cold. I take it out for a drive and runs great  going down the freeway (12 miles).  I have good fuel pressure ( 12-14psi). I go to the store and start it back up again, all OK. But when I am running around 45 mph, it will “Dog out”( cannot accelerate), so I have to shut the key off and start it again. After that, I can accelerate again, and get up to speed, but once I slow down it “dog out again. 
Any help would be appreciated.

plugged catalyst??

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carb or fi? I do not think it would be a plugged cat as you state you can run down the hiway with no issues.

when it "dog outs" is it that you are giving gas and it is slowing down or is it bogging as if its almost going to die

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29 minutes ago, 500 MJ said:

Has anyone every heard of a plugged Catalytic converter being an issue? 

Try hitting the catalytic converter with the side of your hand. If it sounds like a bunch of debris rattles around inside than it’s quite possible. A lot of oem cats used a ceramic honeycomb that could break up over time and could restrict flow. I’ve always swapped to a spun stainless cat when I have to replace it. But some states don’t allow aftermarket cats I believe (but I’ve never lived in one that was like that).

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