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Doing my AA SYE, problem...

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So, I've been having fun for the last three days with this thing. First issue was the snap rings, apparently nobody here carriers snap ring pliers that can expand to more than about 1". After lots of cursing and driving to every auto, industrial, and mechanical store, I found a pair that were almost big enough. A few minutes with an angle grinder made them just large enough. That hurdle out of the way, I reassembled the case halves. Then I realized that I had to do up the oil pump tube first :oops: So, back apart it came. Then I saw in one of the tutorials for doing a SYE that if you were cleaver with a screwdriver you could do it up without dissasembly :cry: Did it back up, reassembled case halves. Now, it won't shift. Can't get the shift linkage bolted on even. Seems the shift fork is too far back and it won't go foreward enough to even be in 4lo properly. I tried turing the linkage connector at the front with a wrench, wouldn't go. Tried hammering it in where it protruded from the back of the case (was mad at this point). No go. Tried turning and hammering at the same time. Still no go.



So, I ask, before I disassemble again, can I fix this without opening it? I'd like to just avoid that. I think I'm gonna go bolt the axle in during the mean time... If I've just screwed up, and better open it - say so.

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