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Side Mirror Mounts for 84-96 XJ/MJ

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This is a pair of 3D printed side mirror mounts for the breakaway style mirrors found on the 84-96 Jeep Cherokee XJ and the 86-92 Jeep Comanche MJ.  This replaces the always broken and faded plastic mounts.  This is both the driver and passenger side so one order will do one vehicle.









INSTALLATION - You can either take the entire mirror off the vehicle to work on the bench (three big screws on the inside of the door) or do it with the mirror still mounted to the vehicle.  If you are working alone it may be easier to do still being attached to the vehicle however I was able to accomplish it alone on the bench with both installation methods.  The two installation methods will be outlined below.  If you have the mirror adjustment knobs inside the vehicle, the door panel and inner mirror trim triangle piece will need removed for both methods as the knob and cables need to be free to pull out the mirror.  If you don't have the adjustment knobs, you would still need to remove the door panel and trim to work on the bench but may be able to skip that step doing it on the vehicle.


Method 1 - Remove the glass (fight the glass instead of the spring).

- You can remove the glass from the mirror to access the three screws located behind it.  This is difficult to do without breaking it but can be accomplished with fishing line or wire designed for cutting adhesive behind glass.  This does risk breaking the glass but replacements can be found online for about $15 per side if one breaks.  I attempted using heat and prying on the glass but I ended up breaking it doing this.


- Once these screws are removed, pull the plastic part to the side to see behind it.  There is a spring held in by a single screw, once this screw is removed push the mirror towards the front of the vehicle to release the rear part of the mount and expose the other end of the spring.  unhook the spring from the post.



- The mirror should now be free to pull away from the vehicle.  Just be sure to gently feed the cables and grommet through the door to avoid damaging them.

- With the mirror free of the vehicle you can unscrew the 6 screws holding the plastic mount in place.  When putting the new one in, be sure to put the 2 flat topped screws in first so it will be properly aligned.

- Reinstall everything in the reverse order.


Method 2 - Unhook the spring (don't risk the glass, fight the spring...)

- For this method simply push the mirror towards the front of the vehicle to cause it to release from the rear part of the mount.  This will reveal the spring.


- Use needle nose pliers to remove the spring.  I found it helpful to also use a Philips head screwdriver to grab the end of the spring and push it out.

- Once unhooked you can gently feed the cables and grommet through the door.  

- With the mirror free of the vehicle, unscrew the 6 screws holding the plastic mount in place.  When putting the new one in, be sure to put the 2 flat topped screws in first so it will be properly aligned.

- Reinstall everything in the revers order, the spring will be a pain to rehook but can be done.  An extra set of hands may be helpful, especially doing it on the bench.  The post it attaches to does spin to help align the hole but it may be rusted in place and need some persuasion to spin.  Be somewhat careful with this method as it requires a good bit of force to reinstall the spring and while you are frustrated with that you don't want to deal with breaking the new mount or any glass.



This part will be made to order.  Please allow time for printing, processing, and shipping.  Currently I will ask for 1-2 weeks lead time but I will keep each person updated individually on order status.  


Price is: 

$20 Shipped.  International shipping may have extra fees, just be sure to let me know its going international upon ordering.

PayPal Preferred, please add $1 if paying via the "Goods and Services" option to help cover the added transaction fees.  This is part of how I keep prices low for everyone.



Please PM me to order and be sure to read the disclaimer below.  Thank you!




- These are printed in black PETG plastic.  This plastic resists temperatures up to around 190* and has good natural UV resistance.  I cannot yet guarantee how long the color will stay dark however I have seen many people using black PETG outdoors for 3+years with no noticeable color loss.  A UV protective clear coat can be added to extend color lifespan if you so choose.

- This is a 3D printed part, this means not all parts will appear or fit exactly the same.  If you have an issue with your part, please contact me and we can work out the issue together.  

- Due to this being a made to order part, lead time may change.  I will update this post if the lead time changes.

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2 hours ago, Rad_Comanche said:

I will take a pair a well. Probably some other things I need to order from you as well, lol.


Do you by chance know if they make concave mirrors for these? I would feel a lot better if I removed the glass, broken or otherwise, and had a better concave version ready to go in.

PMd.  If there's more you'd like, just let me know!


I only know of the standard flat replacements, I haven't seen any other type but haven't looked too hard.

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