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Tail Lights

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With the obsolete  issue of MJ tail lights. 
I'm working on a redneck solution. 

I have a half dozen junk XJ's in the field. 
So cut a piece of body out of one. 
Section right in front of the tail light on an XJ. 
A pair of amazon LED's I went this style so there 

would be visibility from the side. 
I plan on bringing the OEM mounting tabs out flat. 
Then fold a ninety and out of some more scrap, 
spot weld it to the cover so it will use oem mounting 
I need to order a couple small round white LED flush mount 
for back up lights. 

I measured it at 8 7/8x10 7/8 in reality should have been

13/16 or even 3/4 but a little work with angle grinder 

shaving it down, gets a nice fit, matching the curve of the 

corner is not as easy as it sounds, there is a slight curve 

to the bed side. 


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I appreciate innovative work like this.

Looking fwd to more progress and results.


I love keepin' my "old AMC junk" on the road; sometimes ingenuity is the best answer. I am not a big fan of it must be a "factory screw" and the paint "overspray" must be 100% correct.


Having AMC Fun,


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2 hours ago, Sir Sam said:

Did you cut some curved metal from an XJ to fill it or did you bend some flat sheet, that just happened to come from an XJ?

I just cut the metal from an XJ body, 88 model to be exact. 
Right in front of the taillight hoping to keep some of the slight arc the body has there. 
Matching the actual curve of the corner is the harder part... 
More pictures as I get further along..... 

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