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New here (and to the MJ's). So, I was looking for a small truck, but man, all of the last 10 years of trucks keep putting on weight like a diabetic working at a candy factory.  Especially living in the city, I want something that can fit down a city block, still haul a load 'o crap, and doesn't look like it's a suppository *cough* "00's Rangers *cough*.


I managed to snag  a 1988 Comanche,  Automatic 4x4  the other days. She has some dent and dings, but little to no rust, and purrs just fine.  She parallel parks well, hauled her first pile of lumber (for a new bike shed) and has yet to bite any other trucks on the block. Hell, I  think she's a keeper.


I just sat down with  a drink & my Haynes manual, and started digging through the (great) 'what to do first' posts.  I figured I'd drop a first post. Pictures (and a signature where I know what the hell I have for a truck) still to come.


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Welcome to the club! Make sure to drop your truck’s VIN in the registry, that will get you some more info on it. 

Be warned, these trucks have a tendency to multiply. :D 

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