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My 87 doesn’t have a hose from the intake hat. Previous owner removed it and installed a pipe with a cone filter onto the intake hat. There was a 2.5 intake with all the hoses, etc still on it in the truck when I bought it.  It doesn’t line up correctly though. The base for the original airbox is still there. I see one nut and two bolts to fasten it in the engine bay. The complete 2.5 airbox I have doesn’t have those three holes. It only has one mounting point and it’s on a plastic flange on the bottom with one hole that I’m assuming a bolt goes through to hold it in place on whatever vehicle it belongs to. Anyone have a pic of what a stock 2.5 airbox looks like? Ty

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WTH! Looks like I have a 2.5 airbox for a YJ.  So I’m going to assume the air box is the same for the 4.0 as it is for the 2.5? Only difference is the air hat and hose assembly is different. 






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