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Tailgate Strap Bumpers - They're Back!!

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They are back!  These are identical to the ones fiatslug87 had available.  Thanks to fiatslug87 for passing the info on and helping me to make these available again.  


This is a 3D printed tailgate strap bumper set.  These keep the tailgate straps in place when the gate is closed and keeps them from rattling around.  These are made from a flexible material called TPU and these parts are like a stiff rubber in final form.  The kit includes 2 small and 2 large bumpers, which is enough for one Comanche.





INSTALLATION - remove the old worn out bumpers by drilling out the rivets.  Prepare your new bumpers by predrilling a hole in the bumper, in the center of the recessed circle.  Be sure the hole you drill is the proper size for the fastener you plan to use.  You can either rivet them in or use a small nut and bolt.  Just be sure the fastener you use sits below the ramp portion of the bumper, if the fastener is exposed above the ramp area, the tailgate straps will contact it and cause a rattle on the fastener.  The larger bumpers mount on the tailgate and the smaller ones mount on the bedside.


This part will be made to order.  Please allow time for printing, processing, and shipping.  Currently I will ask for 2-4 weeks lead time but I will keep each person updated individually on order status.  Usually your order will be done much sooner than this.


Price is: 

$25 Shipped to the lower 48.  I will ship anywhere in the world but will have to charge additional on shipping in some cases.


PayPal Preferred, please add $1 if paying via the "Goods and Services" option to help cover the added transaction fees.  This is part of how I keep prices low for everyone.



Please PM me to order and be sure to read the disclaimer below.  Thank you!




- These are printed in black TPU plastic.  This plastic is flexible and can withstand temperatures over 300*F before deforming.

- This is a 3D printed part, this means not all parts will appear or fit exactly the same.  If you have an issue with your part, please contact me and we can work out the issue together.  

- Due to this being a made to order part, lead time may change.  I will update this post if the lead time changes.

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8 hours ago, Aussiemj said:

I would like to order a set ship to Brisbane Australia 


I am away from home for the weekend.  Once I get back I'll get you a quote!

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