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a different strrrrrrretch MJ

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I saw this and I've gotta say: I dig the concept. Like everything, I would change a few things about it, but overall, I think this is super cool!

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24 minutes ago, Jesse J said:

Yeah I have never really gotten how 6x6 powers the rearest axle



there are different ways.  one involves an extra t-case of sorts.  one has the input at the top of the axle and power goes into the diff, but also passes right out to the rear axle.  I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones off the top of my head :L: 








here the top has an input, and an output.  usually found in giant military-style axles like the bigger Rockwells.


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There's lots of documentation online of people using a divorced NP205 backwards in the frame.  You run the driveshaft to the 205 tail shaft.  The "front" of the case faces back to the two axles with 2 yokes, one for each axle.


In essence you are using the 205 as a splitter.

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