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April 2021-88mjsally's 88 V8 Pioneer

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April 2021

88mjsally's 88 Pioneer



Build Thread-

A College Students V8 Comanche



Year/Model - 

 1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer SWB




1997ish Vortec Small block 350 from a Chevy truck which is stock other than a edelbrock intake

Headman center dump shorty headers

Exhaust is all 2.5” tubing with thrush welded mufflers

Engine accessories from a 1995 Chevy truck

Novak conversions engine mounts

C10 th350 transmission

Custom trans mount using a factory crossmember

Factory length rear driveshaft but new from carolina driveline

Dana 44 rear with 3.07s and a factory trac-lok

2wd beam front axle




Speedway motors universal v8 swap radiator

Flex a lite 18” fan

eBay aluminum shroud

eBay aluminum overflow




Factory dash harness with factory cluster hooked up

Holley Sniper EFI

Hyperspark distributer

Summit racing coil

Holley display screen mounted on the clock delete panel



Rebuilt Stock steering

Rough country double shear adjustable track bar

3” Rusty’s lift kit with add a leaf in the rear



Black seats from a 86 four door xj on factory mj bucket brackets

Insulated under the carpet and inside the doors

New black acc carpet

TCI ratchet shifter mounted under a 97+ xj console

Blue face cluster from a 87 xj

XJ rugged ridge floor mats

All vinyl door panels and manual regulators from a 95 xj

Factory RX-173xj radio

Black tilt column from an 87 mj and grey leather wrapped wheel from a 92 xj




Stock rebuilt front disks

Stock rebuilt 10x2.5 drums in the rear



Amazon LED headlights

LED marker and taillight bulbs

Headlight harness



Faded single stage grey paint with old shop decals faded onto the doors

Factory bedliner from an 87 MJ

Minty factory rear bumper that I still need to install

Uhaul MJ tow hitch

Chinese stock xj front bumper with aftermarket tow hooks


Wheel & Tires- 

04 tj ravine wheels

33x10.5r15 BFG all terrains

Washers under the steering stops so it doesn’t rub


Best MJ story- 

When I first got my truck, I pulled it out from under a pile of junk in a guys garage. I didn’t have room to store it at home since I was about to start college so I stuck it out in my friends field. It sat there for about a year before we tried to load it up to take home. The trailer didn’t have a winch so we used a rope and my tj. My friend didn’t get it lined up right so the front fell off the ramps with the back still sitting up on the deck. It bent the steering and about made my friend inside the truck steering crap his pants. We started over and it was still crooked so we ended up having to Jack the rear up and slide it across the deck. I’m amazed looking back that it didn’t turn out worse but we got it home and vowed not to do that again


CC is Awesome! Why? 

Lots of great information and friendly advice




Congrats @88mjsally! This is a really cool truck!

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Thank you guys for the kind words! This truck sure has been a fun one although it’s been a pain at times. It’s sure come a long way from what I brought home 5 years ago

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