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91 comanche 4.0 pioneer fuel sending unit

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Hi I'm redoing a mj with the h.o 4.0 and the tank and pump was wasted so I bought a new tank but I can't find the right sending unit rockauto ,autozone, advance, orileys, nor anything I've seen on the net looks like mine ..my float and strainer point to the left of the inlet hole all others I've seen go to the right and will not fit with the tray in the bottom of tank.. I'm at a loss I've even bought a xj sending unit no luck there either..any help would be nice

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There is none. The only reasonable option you have for a 1991 is to send it to https://tristarrradiator.com/ for rebuild. There is a post somewhere of someone hacking together two MKS units to make a 1991 "new" unit but that seems a bit overkill. 


You could ask if they want to do 2 of the same style and I could send mine in as well =P Maybe get a discount. 

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well, I got screwed. I purchased it from Advanced Auto. received it and just went to install it and found the sending unit and strainer are located on the wrong side. plus the hanger has it sitting a bit shallow so it doesn't locate at all. I called Carter and spoke with them and they quit building the assemblies for these. You can get the pump (higher pressure and GPH than Cherokee?) but no complete assembly. So I need to rebuild the existing assembly.  Sorry for the misinformation. And my MJ is a '87 4.0 2wd

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Being the researcher I believe that I am, I followed the link above to MTS, Spoke to Steve and YES, they offer a complete assembly. They were extremely helpful.


1987-1990 Jeep® Comanche MJ 18 & 23.5 gallon "side mounted" gas tank sending unit with fuel injected engines (w/ pump) for the 4.0L engine. Includes new lock ring and O-ring. Replaces #
Top Plate View: pic 2
Ohm range: Full 80-90, Empty 0-10.


Available in 3-5 weeks (Mine is on order)

$151.95 plus shipping



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