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Thanks Pete!


Thanks 89MJ. IMHO, pizza cutter tires look much better under a truck and a non pizza cutter tire is best suited for a XJ type vehicle.


Additionally, when I see tires that stick way the F out, past the sheet metal, it reminds me of a RC car... lol!


Yes Tex06, spacers/adapters. I purchased them from a heavy equipment shop. No average aftermarket peddler had 2 inch thick, hubcentric spacers/adapters.

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I can't tell you how much I'd rather have 35x10.5 instead of the 33x12.5s.   but they didn't exist back in the day.  :( 

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On 4/5/2021 at 11:35 AM, RestoringNV said:

Kenda Klever 35x10.50R17, mounted on 2018 Wrangler Rubicon Recon Wheels.


Nicely tucked in under!



What is the actual height of that tire mounted and under the weight of the truck? 

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I like that look too.  Are they metric sizes or are they actually called out as a 35-10.50-17 size tire?  I have another application where I would like to use these.



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Looking around, there are some tires in the 33-35" range that are "skinny".


255/80R17 are about a 33.5x10.0

275/70R17 are about a 32.5x10.8

275/80R17 are about a 35x10.8

285/70R17 are about a 33x11.2

285/75R17 are about a 34.5x11.2

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Pete: go out and fetch you a set of Kenda Klevers ;)


ghetdjc320: the axles under my MJ are XJ axles, with 4.56 yukon gears and a Spartan locker out back.

I can get you the additional information this evening.


And as promised tires are 34 inches tall, underneath the trucks weight!


Andy in PA: Actual tire size 35x10.50R17.


Jesse J: thank you kindly.


Wahoo Steeler: while that is true, it has been my finding, that BFG KO2 tires tread profile, is too flat faced and cause a pickup platformed vehicle to be squirrelly on wet surfaces. BFG KO2's are much better for an SUV platformed vehicle, due to improved and more even weight distribution.


derf: indeed there are, I am running 285/75R16's on my 05 TJR.

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