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My under the bed tire carrier is broke. It had at one time a donut spare. I would like to fix it but was wondering if will handle a full size tire. If not I'll go another route.


Steve Eggers

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By the way, I rebuilt mine after loosing my full-size tire going down the highway. 


When that tire dropped on me, it momentarily lodged under my rear bumper at highway speeds and literally catapulted my rear end skyward.  I had no idea what happened other than maybe a Sumo wrestler ran out in front of me that I didn't see and I ran over and killed him.    


Several of us use ratchet straps as a backups for the tire carrier.  Highly recommend this.  My tire could had went through someone's windshield.  I feel very lucky.


Grab a full-size tire.  Rebuild that carrier instead of replacing with a junkyard unit. You'll better know the condition on the internals.  On mine, I installed a new stainless steel cable, POR-15'd it and lubed the heck out of it.  Ratchet strap that bad-boy after getting your tire in place.      

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