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Sam & J's '88 Comanche Resurrection

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A few months ago I acquired this 88 Jeep Comanche from my father-in-law. Being a Jeep guy, I have always admired this unique deviation of Jeep's historical line of production. This truck had been sitting in his garage for over a decade collecting dust. I wasted no time making offers to buy it, the truck had sentimental value to him, so he was not in the market to sell. It became a joke between us every time we would get together… I would offer to buy it and he would say: “over my dead body”. Well, my friends, he kept his promise…earlier this year he passed suddenly of cancer and in his will he left me and my wife the Jeep Comanche that I had desired so greatly. This is my 3rd Jeep but 1st Comanche and I'm super excited to get started building it!


File_002 crop.jpeg

jeep blk plate.jpg

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I can see what you asked about it every time. Very nice truck you have there. Sounds like your had a great faster in law! Sorry to hear about the loss.

Welcome to the club.

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the addiction is real and clearly it was strong with him.  glad he gave it to you after all.  :L: 


welcome to the addiction :D 

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