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These were bought from Body Shop Price. Awesome service there FYI. I just saw a new pan and rocker kit for mj. I could be jumping the gun but have to wonder if they are mj specific pans? I'll be calling tomorrow for clarity and to order if so after what showed up. Very impressed thus far!20210325_193220.jpg.1621163b4dc76d9c70847e9abda66ff1.jpg20210325_192910.jpg.39a64209241b375b2a624e1bb7d5f359.jpg20210325_193459.jpg.51b51eecceeeeea2e819f3b9e2d7a2cd.jpg20210325_192940.jpg.18d9b1b106b2b83b3a8c53df2f83f877.jpg16167165964543827132394014774606.jpg.f63e7f01a06e64cfd66dfacfacfd1d8a.jpg16167166171015671267392058305065.jpg.79e657c0ec887d10bcf7961b35d9b4ef.jpg

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On 3/26/2021 at 9:37 AM, gogmorgo said:

Apparently they’re working on it, and some other stuff.


😆 you don't need to hide my name but thanks. I'm me, guys can love or hate me. I don't care and won't live a double life. I was hoping to see an mj gate eventually since it appears that many other Jeep gates are in the works. 

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