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LS III swapping the 88 Pioneer 4x4. Seeking input

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A friend of mine owns a pick and pull.  I can get a 2006 GMC Envoy 5.3, 460L-e trans, wiring harness, PCM, and all throttle by wire parts for a super reasonable price.


The 88 is 4.0, Puegot B-10 with 250k miles. It’s tired.


My initial plan was to go with an AX-15 setup as the truck is originally a 5 speed.  I will need to buy an AX-15, and a conversion bellhousing etc. To use the auto trans I will need the adaptor to adapt the transmission to the transfer case.


For those of you that have done this would you suggest auto or manual. Pro’s and cons.


The truck will be lifted no more than 4 inches, mild wheeling

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I just did the a 5.3 ax15 swap. Got it driving last year. I have no experience with an auto but the manual swap was not bad at all. The only issue I had is the clutch is a little finicky setting up but once dialed in it's good. You can see my build thread for a lot of info and pictures. It can get pricey but there are ways to get cheaper but "still work" parts. 


I'm actually upgrading my transmission because I'm gonna be making a lot more power so I'll have the whole ax15 swap kit for sale soon. It's all novak parts. 

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I agree with 70barracuda the manual is pretty easy except for the clutch. The AX15  can hold stock power if you don't abuse it. The auto is more complicated from a pcm and tuning perspective but can easily be done.

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