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Do You Have 32" Tires and 4.5" Lift??

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On 3/21/2021 at 11:44 PM, Dzimm said:

Thanks for the input everyone.  I should have mentioned before that I have pretty well decided to go with BFG KO2 ATs.  I like the idea of running metric with the slightly narrower tire but the BFGs don't come in 32x10.5 unfortunately.


 As far as wheels go, I have a set of 5 Eliminator specific 10 holes that I want to keep with the truck so that limits me to r15. I will take a look at what's available in 265/75r15 and maybe can find something to sway me from the BFGs.  The narrower tire would help with rotating mass and won't hurt power and mpg quite as bad I suppose.

I have BFG K02 ATs on my truck but they are 30X9.5. I like them and I like the way they look.


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I missed this topic, haven't been very active here lately, but I have 4.5" Zone lift and am running 32x11.50R15 Cooper AT3 XLTs. They do rub while turning, however, that is the fault of the offset of the Mammoth Boulder 15x8 wheels I am running. With a more stock offset, I don't think they would rub. 


I'm about to regear. My 4.0 and AW4 won't stay in overdrive until 65mph or so. It will lock in and lock the torque converter at ~60, but the slightest incline or headwind and back to 3rd gear we go. I'm trying to decide between 4.10s and 4.56s yet. 

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I agree with the 17's. JK stock 17's are right at 32" stock. I'm running stock JK size on aftermarket 17's with adapters at about 6" of lift. With the aftermarket tires I get minor rubbing on the lower edges of the fender flares. Though I ran stock JK takeoffs for a while with almost no lift. there was only minor rubbing in the front, and only rubbed in the rear under a heavy load. The front has settled at least an inch since I installed the lift.



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