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Not sure if this has already been a topic here, but I stumbled onto this YouTube channel the other day, The Fast Lane Truck. It is a father and son who do different truck mods and trail tests. They have a whole mini series, 7 episodes, dedicated to an '89 Comanche Pioneer. It is a quick watch, each episode is only 20ish minutes long. It's pretty cool to watch them pit the Comanche against a brand new Gladiator on the MOAB trails. I felt obligated to share this with everyone. Enjoy!




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On 3/20/2021 at 2:32 PM, DesertRat1991 said:

Yeah... they sold that truck to a guy in North Carolina who has been trying to flip it on FB for like $18,000.


He's a member here.

That's a shame. He seemed like he really was into the truck an preserving it. I did really like this build I felt bad when they dumped all that coin into the ba10. For what they paid they could have done a used decent ax15 conversion.

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JCR Off-road


I found another interesting Youtube build. I don't care very much for the color, but overall a very nice looking truck and fun watching what other people do with their builds. Hope you enjoy!







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