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I thought about some Hella 500s then just paiting the lens cover black with “JEEP” on them. 


I will google those 2 names you guys threw out there. I remember the old Balzer ones at Walmart lol

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The only really decent fog lights these ever got were the Marchal 750s that disappeared pretty early on. If you go looking for a set of those in nice condition, prepare for some sticker shock. The Rust Out Lights did as the name suggests and the Blazer ones were kind of just cosmetic attachments, at least if mine are anything to go by.

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Iirc 55054739 should be the correct lights for 92 . 


Occasionally some mopar fog lamps with black covers and white Mopar lettering show up for sale . I think those would look great too . 


Last i remember on Hornbrods truck , he had the larger Marchal 850s instead of the 750s . Black covers could be had for them but are hard to find iirc . 

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