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89 SWB-$19,995

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This truck sold at Barrett Jackson a few years ago. I'm curious as to how much it brought then. 



1989 Jeep Comanche in excellent condition. Truly a Gem and a rare find. This beauty ran though Barrett Jackson Auction in 2017. All Documents from the auction along with auction pictures included with sale. Finished in Glacier White over a gray interior. Interior in great condition This truck was custom restored in 2017 body and paint in excellent condition. The bed of the truck has a new Kevlar bed liner. The truck has a 6in lift to make room for the 33' (almost new) Mud Claw tires. Truck is 2wd , Motor recently replaced at 131,408 with inline 6 and has less then 100 miles on the motor. New motor has 3 year unlimited mile warranty that will transfer with owner, New Clutch, New Water pump, New Power Steering and Seal. Everything you need. This Jeep is perfect for the Jeep enthusiast or collector. A cool ride that is fun to drive. Turn Key and ready to go. I hope you enjoy this Jeep as much as I have. Recently spent 6k in upgrades to make her perfect!


Again, in my head, the price seems high, but I don't think it is super far off for what the market has become on these trucks. I think it would probably sell for $15,000.


Look closely at the header panel. It looks like it is a 91-96 header panel. :confused:

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Looks to me like the control arms are a little short, pulling the front axle back. Also, to me, on what you are selling as a premium truck, why are you running a value priced line of tires?


Reading the whole CL ad, this is a rear wheel drive truck!

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Wait a minute!
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14 minutes ago, eaglescout526 said:

“Custom” “you could say I went right to the factory and picked it up cause it’s cheaper that way.”

Hahaha once piece at a time they'd say!

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Maybe I'm just in a bad mood today, but this thing is THE example of a fancy style over substance, cobbled together mess in my mind. Too-short control arms, wrong header panel, no badges, no A/C, etc.


No interior pics in this listing, but as of 2017 it had a very basic grey interior with a reupholstered bench seat and rubber floor mat. Factory radio (looks like the semi-rare Korean knockoff RX-135), but a style over substance cobbled together mess that's never going to be used is about the only thing the '89 factory radios were good for.


Painting the engine bay is a nice touch though.


What I'd do with it: Nothing, because it's a non-A/C truck, and there are certain things that just aren't happening.

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