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Had a couple Cup Holders laying around, so I started cutting

and epoxying on one, of-em.

Had a piece of plastic divider from a parts-sorter that I 

used to support the front side, which is pretty flimsy

because of the e-brake cutout for XJ's. Moved around

a lot, when using the Mirror Switch.


That plastic piece really strengthened that front-side.

I epoxied the piece then used Black bolt/nut on the four corners.























I have another new cup holder that I plan to use if

this one holds up. I am going to see how this works.











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1 hour ago, Tex06 said:

What year XJ is that console out of?




That's the cheap $13 pop cup holder.


I had the three pigtails for the Power Mirrors

(switch, both mirror- harness side) so

I built a harness for the power mirrors.


I had to decide whether to mount the power mirror

switch on the console or on the cup holder.


The cup holder was cheap, so I started cutting

on the cup holder to mount the switch and to

reinforce that front panel.







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The Power Door Panels and the Dash Panel

came out of a 1995 XJ - Country.





* I took the photo, as Dash Panel was going in.

I still needed to install the screw above the cigar

lighter in order to flatten the panel out.




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