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Preservation or Desecration? The 96/86 Crewmanche Build

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On 2/27/2021 at 2:25 PM, Ollie said:

I love it, wish I had the talent to attempt something like that. I always gravitate to "odd Balls" like that at a car show. Sure going to be a head turner. 


Having Comanche Fun,


Thanks!! And I'm not talented by any means. :rotfl2: I'm just hacking it together with a wing and a prayer. It's not perfect by any means. 

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So I'm too cheap to go buy 2x6 tube because I have a ton of these 2x4 tubes laying around the shop. So I made my own.


Also bought all the clamps Tractor Supply had, they were on clearance for 6.50 or so a piece. :rotfl2:





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So I ran out of welding wire the other day... so I moved on to messing with other things till I got more. Redid the headliner, not perfect but it works. I tried to match the cab trim to the Cherokee fronts, but it was a little darker. 






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Pulled the interior back out since it's finally getting warm. Painted the floor and seam sealed everything. Put my sound insulation down, now to put it back together. 


Had a friend come over and do bodywork on the roof, not my cup of tea. :laugh:






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Rear seatbelts installed finally. Ordered 6" brackets from Seatbelts Plus and mounted them into the seat brackets. It worked out pretty well. The buckles and lap belt were from the Cherokee. 


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